Students work together to create games from all levels of development - ideation to completion throughout the tenure of their degree program.

Staffordshire University’s Esports Degree: Behind the Scenes

Last week, the Esports Edition team was delighted to hear about the Esports Bachelor's Degree that’s now being offered at Staffordshire University in the UK. The three-year academic program is the first of its kind, and is designed to...
George "Hyped" Mangazini of Immortals has a passion for gaming, esports, and competition.

Interview with Immortals’ George “Hyped” Maganzini

Esports Edition's @Jungroan sat down with George "Hyped" Maganzini for an interview, where we explored some of Hyped's strategic views on competitive Overwatch, competitors, and helping his role as a mentor on the young rising stars from Immortals' Overwatch...
Ashley "Ashnichrist" Christenson is the founder of Desoladies, a group designed to unite and advocate for women in the Dota scene.

Ashnichrist Interview: Shattering the Esports Glass Ceiling

I recently sat down with the founder of Desoladies, Ashley "Ashnichrist" Christenson. If you haven't heard of Desoladies yet, it's one of more tightly-knit esports communities on the internet. In their own words, the group is "a supportive, female-focused organization designed to...

Melonzz on Harassment and Negativity in Dota 2

As Dota 2 players, we’ve all had that one game where we tilt. We flame our opponents for their misplays, we criticize their item build (because who builds a Radiance on Sniper) and we scream for them to uninstall...
SirActionSlacks on the Dota 2 community

SirActionSlacks on the Golden Age of Dota

In the hours leading up to the Northern Arena BEAT Invitational Dota 2 Grand Finals, I sat down with Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner to discuss his thoughts on the Dota 2 community. With the chaos and tension surrounding the upcoming...

Seth Sivak Interview: CEO of Proletariat Inc.

Esports Edition was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to interview Seth Sivak, CEO of Proletariat Inc., regarding their newest game, Streamline. We also had a chance to play Streamline, you can find our review of Streamline here. Let's start with a...
Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert for president.

Cloud9 at Northern Arena: It’s Almost Tank Top Season

Esports Edition snagged an interview with Cloud9's CS:GO squad at Northern Arena. As to be expected, they're a charming bunch, and with the addition of Timothy "autimatic" Ta, the team has been dominating their North American opposition and looking stronger...

Heroic Interview: Self-Ownership, Teamplay, and More

Esports Edition: Welcome to Toronto, Heroic! What do you think of Canada so far? Andreas "moddii" Fridh: Beautiful. Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer: It’s quite nice. EE: Your team followed the precedent set by Astralis--setting up your own organization, where all of you are...

Splyce Interview: Roster Changes, Fresh Faces, and Teamwork

Esports Edition interviewed Splyce's CS:GO team at Northern Arena. Here's what they had to say. Esports Edition: “First question for you guys --we all know that there are lots of stereotypes about North American Counter-Strike, but are there any stereotypes about...
Zirene Hauntzer

Zirene Interview: Who Wants to Be a Caster?

Zirene Interview Aidan "Zirene" Moon has emerged as a talented color caster with the North American LCS broadcast team, in large part due to an endless pursuit of perfecting his art. He has been a caster at just about every...

Interview: Carl-Edwin Michel, Organizer of Northern Arena

Esports Edition traveled down to Toronto last Thursday for a day of interviews at Northern Arena. While we were there, we talked with Carl-Edwin Michel, tournament organizer and co-founder of the company running the tournament: the Canadian League of...

CLG Interview at Northern Arena: Focused on Building a Team

Esports Edition traveled to Toronto last Thursday for a day of interviews with the teams attending Northern Arena. We sat down with Counter Logic Gaming’s CS:GO team for a quick chat before they had played any of their matches...