Tempo Rogue - Hearthstone Meta Patch 9.1

Is Patch 9.1 Giving Us Hearthstone’s “Healthiest” Meta?

After Hearthstone's recent balance changes in Patch 9.1, the game's meta has shifted drastically. Currently there is a deck from every class in tier 1-2. That’s right, every single class has a playable deck. This is the first time...
Teamwork Multiplayer Games

Why Mandatory Teamwork Is Unhealthy for Multiplayer Games

I’ve recently started to notice a phenomenon in competitive gaming. It’s something I saw in League of Legends years ago, and was reminded of in brutal soul-crushing fashion last week when I played Destiny 2's PvP mode. In the...
Muggernaut Coffee Mug - Dota Merchandise Gifts for Gamers

The Best Dota 2 Merchandise: Gifts for Gamers

Physical merchandise often seems to be an afterthought when it comes to online multiplayer games. Unlike Mario and Pokemon, which have been heavily merchandised by Nintendo, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, CS:GO, and Team Fortress 2 have...
High skill ceiling Hearthstone decks still exist, but only the best players should bother giving them a shot.

The Best High Skill Ceiling Hearthstone Decks

Recently, we discussed what skill ceilings and skill floors are. One of the things we touched on in the article was that Hearthstone, because of the emphasis on deck creation, is home to plenty of viable decks that have an...
Now that Hearthstone has launched Patch 9.1, decks like Tempo Rogue, Token Shaman, and Midrange Hunter are starting to carve out their place in the meta.

Hearthstone Meta Report: The Best New Decks in Patch 9.1

Hearthstone’s Patch 9.1.0 nerfed a variety of cards, including Innervate, Spreading Plague, Hex, Fiery War Axe, and Murloc Warleader. When I discussed the patch, I figured that the changes would hurt the top decks, but probably wouldn't remove them....
What's a skill ceiling? What's a skill floor? This article gives definitions for these terms and explains why they're relevant in the modern video game industry.

Esports Terminology: Skill Ceilings and Skill Floors

‘Skill floor’ and ‘skill ceiling’ are terms you will likely come across when playing or discussing competitive gaming. But what do these words actually mean? It’s not too hard to grasp the basics, but understanding how these concepts play...
2v2 mockup

Is 2v2 Hearthstone a Possibility?

Hearthstone has always been a game of one player against one player. There are a few small instances of player versus computer, and even smaller of cooperative players, but these are few and far between. In all other cases,...
Luckiest Hearthstone Combos Yogg-Saron

The Luckiest Hearthstone Combos

When it comes to Hearthstone combos, luck usually plays a very small role. A combo in Hearthstone refers to playing a specific set of cards that lead to your opponent's death. This means that a combo usually deals ~30...
PUBG Battle Royale takes the best parts of other Battle Royale games and serves it up as a streamlined and relentlessly fun game.

PUBG’s Remarkable Reinvention of the Battle Royale Genre

The Battle Royale genre isn’t new. The clearest inspiration is arguably the 2000 film "Battle Royale" about students trapped on an island who must fight to the death. But even then, the concept wasn’t exactly new. Games are no...
Jeff Kaplan

Game Development Spotlight: The Jeff Kaplan Approach

Jeff Kaplan. The man. The meme. The legend. If you play Overwatch, you’ll have an intimate relationship with the man behind it all. If you don’t, there’s still a decent chance you’ll have seen some videos of Jeff over...
Blizzard has announced some sweeping nerfs to a variety of longtime Hearthstone staples, including Fiery War Axe, Hex, and Innervate.

Blizzard Announces Nerfs to Druid and Fiery War Axe

Nerfs are officially coming to Hearthstone. After the past month of Druid dominating ladder, Blizzard finally decided to do something about it. But it's not just Druid who's getting some tweaks. Several staple cards have been hit by Blizzard's...
Hearthstone's meta revolves around Druid currently, but Murlocs, Highlander Priest, and Pirate Warrior are effective ways to counter Druid decks.

Hearthstone Meta Report: Druid, Murloc, Priest, and Pirate

The current Hearthstone meta revolves entirely around Druid. At rank one, Druids make up over 60% of the decks, and across all decks, that number sits at around 30%. For the sake of our collective sanity, we're going to...