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Heroic Tavern Brawl: Is it Worth It?

Introduction For anyone who hasn’t played Hearthstone in the last year, Tavern Brawl is an interesting weekly challenge. Available Wednesday through Sunday, there’s “a new set of crazy rules each week”. Many variants have been released, such as a deck...

Patch 6.1.3 Nerfs Several Decks into Oblivion

Patch 6.1.3 Deck Fallout The October 3rd balance changes (nerfs) have officially been implemented. This was the change meant to address problematic cards such as Yogg-Saron and Tuskarr Totemic. While I do think that this patch was good for the...
Luckiest Hearthstone Combos

Hearthstone Balance Changes! The End of Yogg.

Introduction to Patch 6.1.3 For the past month or so, the Hearthstone community has been very upset with the state of the game. Many professionals stood up and stated that the competitive scene was going downhill. Batstone came out and...
Arena Banned

Arena Balance – Banned Cards

Arena Balance Over the past few weeks, arena balance has become a growing source of concern. Mage in particular is a problem, as they have an appearance of 30%. Since you are only offered each class 33% of the time, it...
Silence Ironbeak Owl

Silence! Where Have You Gone?

Introduction Silence is one of the core mechanics used in Hearthstone. It was implemented with the launch of the game. It removes all abilities and stat changes of a card, leaving them with their basic stats. The game launched with...
One Night In Karazhan

Hearthstone Creativity Is Misplaced

Introduction The new Hearthstone expansion One Night in Karazhan’s first wing has been launched. With it, the typical three adventures have opened up. For those unfamiliar, players must beat the AI in interesting scenarios to unlock the cards. This time...
Design problems everywhere.

Blizzard’s Design Flaws

Introduction So anyone that has read my articles for any length of time knows that I hate random effects. I’ve also made it clear that I was overjoyed when Blizzard removed GvG from Standard. That random-ridden expansion can rot in...

The Problem of Power Creep in Hearthstone

What is Power Creep? Power Creep is something that you’d have likely heard before if you play card games. While it is not a concept strictly confined to card games, that is where you will see the most obvious examples....

Hearthstone: What Is “Design Space”?

And why does that design space seem to matter so much to Hearthstone's players and developers? When talking about Hearthstone and the decisions of the development team, many players, having come from Magic the Gathering, base their views and expectations on...