Team Liquid to Release Documentary: Breaking Point

Oct 26, 2016

Team Liquid took to Twitter today to announce the release of the much anticipated behind-the-scenes look at the internal problems their League of Legends team went through last season. Titled ‘Breaking Point’, the documentary plans to show fans of the organization exactly what went down during the Dardoch drama earlier this year.

Team Liquid’s League of Legends team has struggled with team atmosphere dating back to the acquisition of Korean ADC Piglet. Things started looking up at the beginning of this year when promising talents Matt and Dardoch were promoted from TL’s Challenger team onto the LCS squad, but the enthusiasm was derailed by “internal issues” just months later.

Team Liquid jungler Dardoch would be suspended before the start of Summer due to “insubordination”. It was reported that Dardoch and TL coach Locodoco did not get along. With Dardoch out of the lineup, arguably the team’s best player, Liquid did not look good. Dardoch was re-inserted back into the lineup, but the dynamic with coach Locodoco did not improve.¬†Dardoch was transferred to Echo Fox at the conclusion of Team Liquid’s 2016 season.

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‘Breaking Point’ looks to be a controversial documentary focused purely on the issues that plagued Team Liquid’s team atmosphere. Many teams produce behind-the-scenes content that shows their practice routines and post-game reflections, but none have focused purely on internal problems like ‘Breaking Point’ plans to.

The timing of the ‘Breaking Point’ release gives TL and their fans a couple months to digest the content before the 2017 LCS season begins; something the team must have had in mind when planning this release.

Check out the trailer above and watch for the full release of Team Liquid’s ‘Breaking Point’ on November 2nd at 10:30AM PST.


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