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Duos, Events, and Balance!

Apex Duos Has Returned! Apex’s newest patch, The Old Ways Event, has just hit and brings with it an old friend – duos! That’s right, duos are back in Apex, again. For how long?...
There's a PUBG update coming, and the game will finally be leaving Early Access.

PUBG’s Massive December Update

PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is finally getting some of the features the community has been requesting for months. Currently, the test servers are running an updated version of the game while Bluehole irons out the bugs, and the update will...
Why does Valve keep shipping useless cosmetics like StatTrak Music Kits?

Why Is the StatTrak Music Kit Even a Thing?

It's the common knowledge of any CS:GO fan by now that Valve has made some less-than-sensible updates to the game. Two good examples of this would be the update that introduced the broken R8 revolver and messed with the recovery time...
There's a new legend coming to Brawlhalla.

Brawlhalla: New Dash Mechanic and Legend Preview

If you haven't played Brawlhalla yet, you're missing out. For lovers of fighting games, it's hard to find any other games that scratch the itch quite as well as Brawlhalla does. Between the intuitive controls, fast-paced combat, diverse cast of characters, and...
What features are you hoping get added to Path of Exile in the game's 3.0 update?

Path of Exile: What Features Should Be Added in 3.0?

Path of Exile's Fall of Oriath launch is coming soon. In fact, it's in beta right now. With the 3.0 launch, you can expect to see a lot of changes. In addition to six new acts worth of playable...
Runes, honor, and the ban system have all been reworked. Are these changes a good thing for League of Legends lovers?

League of Legends: Runes Reforged and the Honor System

Riot loves updating League of Legends. Players get new patches every two weeks, and we've seen some other big changes recently: runes reforged, 10 bans in champion select, and a new honor system. While the fundamental strategies of League are fairly consistent,...
Is the UMP-45 still overpowered?

The UMP-45 Nerf: Is It Still Overpowered?

On May 23rd, Valve put in place a patch that nerfed the UMP-45. It was a long time coming. At the professional level, the UMP-45 has been overpowered for quite some time. When it was revealed that the UMP was...
When The Fall of Oriath is released in mid-July, expect to see more players combining support gems and DOT abilities.

DOT Changes in Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath

As the release date for Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath gets closer and closer, fans of the popular ARPG are rolling up their sleeves and putting their theorycrafting hats on. And for good reason. Lots of features and...
Join us as we take you on a visual walkthrough of Act Five in Path of Exile's Fall of Oriath expansion.

Path of Exile: A Visual Walkthrough of Act Five

With the release of Path of Exile: Fall of Oriath on the horizon, players with access to the beta have began exploring this massive new expansion in preparation. Until now, Path of Exile's campaign had four sections ("Acts"), but in Fall of...
Hearthstone's June update includes a variety of small changes designed to improve the player experience, like streamlined deck importing.

Hearthstone’s June Update: Quality-of-Life Improvements

Hearthstone's June update featured a variety of fixes and a ton of new features. In fact, there are too many to properly discuss, so I’ll focus on the big ones for today. Before we get into it, I have to...
Path of Exile energy shields have been hit with a massive nerf in the game's 3.0 update.

Path of Exile: Energy Shield and Life Changes in 3.0

Path of Exile players are undoubtedly aware of the game's ongoing issues with energy shields and life. At the moment, energy shield builds are objectively a better choice -- it's more efficient and effective than a life skill build...
Hints from Blizzard suggest that the next Overwatch map might be located on the moon.

Blizzard Teases Lunar Colony Map and New Space Monkey Hero

Brace yourselves, Overwatch fans. Teasers on the PlayOverwatch blog, around the Lijiang Tower map, and from the mouth of Blizzard's very own Oracle of Delphi, the esteemed Jeff Kaplan himself, are telling us one thing, and possibly a second. We're going...