Is Another French Shuffle Inevitable?

  Throughout the entirety of CS:GO, there has always been a French contender. From VeryGames to Titan, LDLC to EnVyUs, there has always been a French roster that could be considered elite. As it stands currently, the two best French...

The Gauntlet, Day 1: Unicorns of Love and Envy Move On

The annual Regional Qualifiers officially kicked off earlier today with Unicorns of Love taking on GIANTS! in Europe, and Team Envy matching up against Team Liquid a few hours later in North America. It doesn't appear that being denied scrims...
Virtus.pro EnvyUs ELEAGUE

Virtus.pro at ELEAGUE

Hopes for Virtus.pro’s success come to a close along with the first half of ELEAGUE. Although VP lost handily, is their slump ending? Group F VP’s group stage games went quite well as they placed second in points. 1-1 against EnvyUs and Gambit....

Overwatch Teams: Top 5 to Watch in 2016

With regular tournaments giving all the new Overwatch teams practice during the closed beta, we've seen plenty of strong sides emerge who we expect will continue to impress once the game is fully launched. We're sure to see new...

How to Snag an Eco Win on Mirage’s A Bombsite

Here's a challenge--load up a game of Matchmaking in CS:GO and see many rounds you can play before a teammate complains about being "baited." It shouldn't take too long. And if the game goes sour, you can bet your Asiimov that...

Unpacking the GEC: Who Are the Real Winners?

The LAN finals of the Game Show Global eSports Cup 2016 have come to a close in Vilnius, Lithuania, as Team EnVyUs took first-place with an assertive best of five victory over Team Dignitas. The EnVyUs players will be...

LAN Rumble: Who Will Win the Global eSports Cup?

The first two days of competition at the Game Show Global eSports Cup (GEC) have finished in Vilnius, Lithuania. Although the $200,000 LAN event has experienced long delays, subpar stream quality, and absent production value, all scheduled games have...

EnVyUs in Good Form at Starladder XIV Finals

  Will this be the year the French EnVyUs roster finally establishes it’s dynasty? This question has challenged analysts and writers for years. The French Lineup EnVyUs, formerly LDLC, has fringed on greatness for years. Ever since the creation of the...

Dreamhack Cluj-Napoca: Predicting the Quarterfinals

October 31st 2015 will bring the start of bracket play in Dreamhack Cluj-Napoca 2015. The quarterfinal will bring repeat, historic matches, along with games that have never been seen before. Here I breakdown each match of the quarterfinal by...

The Three Kings of Cluj

  On October 28th 2015, Valve-sponsored Dreamhack Cluj will open its doors to a plethora of international competitors. For the first time in CS:GO history, a major will be held with absolutely no clear and discernible winner. Among the lineups...