Twitch Streamer Finds New Way to Maximize Income

Aug 27, 2016

It didn’t take long after a recent study revealed that Twitch viewers are more likely to donate money to popular streamers after a recent traumatic event for this heartless Twitch streamer to take action.

Frequent social eating streamer ‘xcutebabe13x’ was outed as a dangerous criminal after dozens of longtime subscribers noticed a common theme between the personal tragedies they had suffered.

It turned out that every single one of them had experienced a remarkably unlucky personal tragedy only days before committing 56% of their monthly income (in the form of donations) to xcutebabe13x.

And that’s not even the scariest part.

What’s even more shocking was the fact that xcutebabe13x’s stream was offline during each of these awful events. This key piece of information would provide the leverage her longtime subscribers would need to crack open this case.

A photo of a cereal collection spanning nearly a decade. Now those shelves are empty thanks to a social experiment done by xcutebabe13x. Photo via Alphabeth.

Catching Cute Babe

Subscribers to xcutebabe13x rallied together in a private Discord chatroom after realizing an alarming trend between nearly every single Twitch donation their favorite streamer was receiving; they had all suffered something awful.

CerealK1ller had his entire pantry full of rare and exotic cereals robbed, and his oatmeal with little dinosaur eggs in them replaced with plain, egg-less regular oatmeal.

SeriouslyIntroverted had her home visited by an unusual amount of door-to-door solicitors.

FamilyMan33 had his entire family murdered.

But the act of crime that broke this case open occurred when catlady33 had her third-favorite black cat go missing only to appear on xcutebabe13x’s stream three days later!

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Growth Hack: xcutebabe13x grew her stream from 25 followers to over 500 subscribers in just 1 month without any personal branding, networking, or unique catch phrases! xcutebabe13x plans to continue her marketing education at the conclusion of her prison sentence. Photo via Lone Mind.

Animalistic Behavior or Guerrilla Marketing?

xcutebabe13x’s lack of regard for dinosaur egg oatmeal, social anxiety, and human life is unquestionably alarming, but what if it was all done with good intentions?

When we spoke to xcutebabe13x she claimed this was “just a social experiment” meant to test the accuracy of the study released a couple weeks back.

What does the future hold for xcutebabe13x? She says she looks forward to pursuing a more formal marketing education at the end of her 35-year prison sentence.

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