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Four Dota 2 Changes We’d Like to See from Valve

Nov 20, 2016

Valve developers are possibly the most helpful developers around. Anyone who checks out the forums from time to time will have noticed that they rapidly respond to community complaints or suggestions for improvement. Since the release of Dota Reborn they’ve eliminated hundreds of bugs, added plenty of new features, and tweaked several important areas of the game. For example, they have added bans to All Pick Mode to answer complaints. But there’s always plenty more we’d like to see.

More and More Stacks in Solo Queue

Dota solo queue stack

This really should be priority number one. Whilst the matchmaking system is meant to match Solo Queue with Solo Queue whenever possible, many players would agree that this should always be the case. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting taken apart by a well-coordinated stack in twenty-minutes when you’re playing by yourself. It simply isn’t fair and we’d all be happy to wait an extra minute or two to avoid this happening to anyone.

In-game Hero Builds

Whilst the web-based hero build application is less buggy than it used to be, it seems bizarre that players can’t create or edit builds in-game. For many of the more experienced players this might not be something they care about, but there are plenty of people who do like to use hero builds, even if just to make it easier for them to find the items they’ll want to buy. We expect this is something Valve is already planning to add but it’s just not a very high priority for them at the moment.

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A Return of the Featured Hero Showcase

Dota 2 Valve changes imiprovements

Of all the changes Reborn brought, and the vast majority of them were positive, the one thing people most often complain about is the disappearance of the Featured Hero box on our profiles. There is plenty of incentive for Valve to bring this back, primarily because cosmetics bring in a lot of money. People want more interesting profile pages and we often don’t get to use our favorite sets, especially when the corresponding heroes have been nerfed, so it’s fun to be able to show them off. Since this was a feature at one point, Valve should have no problem putting it back in the game.

Ranged and Melee Barracks More Distinct

“HIT THE MELEE RAKS PLS!!! NOT THE RANGED!!!”. I know, I know, it’s really not that hard to work out which one is which (you can just click on them if you’re unsure) but Valve could definitely make it clearer – and it would also just be a good visual change in-game to add a bit more variety. While on the topic of design, after seeing the awesome Mega Creep models I’m sure we’d all appreciate a new model for the Super Creeps, even if it’s just so that they look a little bit more threatening than they do now.

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