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7 Sexy CS:GO Halloween Costumes

Oct 31, 2016

The leaves are falling, and your bros are ramping up for a sick party. You can buy unlimited amounts of candy in the stores without the cashiers giving you a pity smile. It’s HALLOWEEN, y’all! If you’re a CS:GO nerd and looking for some last minute costumes, look no further – we’ve got you covered and then some.

1. Sexy Subroza Cheating Clips

There’s nothing sexier than the truth. But hey, with the right underoos, this costume could be a close second! This living conversation piece will get people involved in your favorite party activity: mindlessly arguing.

YouTube Video of Subroza Cheating Costume
Image edited, original here.
Cloud9 Blue Man
Image edited, original here.

2. Sexy Cloud9 Tank Top

Are you prepared to carry your team to victory? More than just a good luck charm, you’ll be the heart of the team with this stunning blue number. Plus, you get to show off your sick biceps! Sure, you won’t get to touch any furniture all night, but that’s exactly what you stand for.

Beige Gauze Dress
Image source here.

3. Sexy Carpal Tunnel Braces

While RSI normally stands for Repetitive Strain Injury, this Halloween you’ll make it stand for Responsibly Sexy Individual! Take matters into your own hands (and wrists) and spread some awareness this Halloween. Apparently, this image is of is a $1800+ designer dress. You could buy it – or not be an idiot and save yourself some time and money by wrapping yourself in Ace bandages.

4. Sexy Twitch Chat

Well, you can’t really make this sexy. But you can make it convincing! It requires little effort to get your message across, which is exactly like Twitch chat – all you have to do is spend the night screaming on top of your lungs into the void of cyberspace. Heck, this costume is guaranteed to get you noticed by that one guy at the party that gets it, says “Hey, cool costume,” then scurries away before you can talk more while anxiously picking at his beer label. New friends!

Twitch Chat Costume
This is an amalgamation of images. And nightmares.

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5. Sexy Cease and Desist Letter from Valve

This Cease and Desist Letter rocked the community – isn’t it time you rocked this Halloween party? You’ll be the legally binding talk of the town. Say no to gambling with costumes that may or may not be a hit – place your bets on this sexy number.

Cease and Desist Costume
Costume originally a sexy DEA Agent from Spurst. Please don’t sue us, the irony would be too great.

6. Sexy CS:GO Developer

Are you constantly annoyed at random updates not living up to your expectations? Want to choose to focus on something other than CS:GO for a bit? Finally, you can live out your dreams of making the CS community a better place with a developer costume! An added bonus, if you decide to bring your own Camelbak, the lovely sheet will cover your stealth drinking.

Image source here.

7. Sexy NA CS Fan

Man, EU fans have it easy. Not because they’re better obviously, but because they have a wide variety of teams to choose from. That’s okay. It’s not about the teams. It’s about ‘MURICA. This costume is also accessible to the masses, as after a certain point in the night, you can just be sexy America, or pretend to be having a seizure and blame it on our sad, sad political problems.

American Flag NA Fan
Image edited, original here.


Underage Gambling Debt

underage gambling
The bare feet make for extra real poverty! Image source here.

Do you have offspring and want to make a biting social commentary by using them as demonstrative tools? Look no further! This low effort costume will only take you minutes to assemble, and probably about an hour to fully explain to your child why they can’t be a mermaid for Halloween.

Oct 23, 2016
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