Dota 2 Geology

A Geologist’s Guide to the Dota 2 Map

Why does the terrain on the Dota 2 battlefield look the way it does? In this article, we propose several hypotheses for geologic processes that have sculpted Dota 2's map. My introductory geology textbook always featured photos of real-life locations...
This terrible Teemo hat is sold by Riot Games. Unfortunately.

The Worst League of Legends Merchandise on the Internet

I already hate most fan merch, but how do I separate the truly “bad” from just “stuff I don’t like?” After searching for every type of knick-knack and article of clothing, I discovered that half of all bad League...
Cease and Desist Costume

7 Sexy CS:GO Halloween Costumes

The leaves are falling, and your bros are ramping up for a sick party. You can buy unlimited amounts of candy in the stores without the cashiers giving you a pity smile. It's HALLOWEEN, y'all! If you're a CS:GO...
Creating Phallic Shapes in Cornfields

Farming Simulator 17 Review: Need For Seed

Listen up, city-folk. Have you ever wanted to run away from it all? Grown tired of exhaust clouds and randos coming within a one-foot radius of your body? Sat in stranger piss one too many times on the subway?...

The Five Cringiest Gaming-Related Phrases

Let the Cringe Begin The beauty of the modern era is that gaming has become so socially acceptable, everyone has at least some idea of what video games are - and no one is harshly judged by their peers for...