The Dota tutorial leaves a lot to be desired, but that doesn't mean Valve can't fix it.

Trial by Fire: How Valve Could Improve Dota 2’s Tutorial

Dota is a punishing game for newcomers, and the lackluster tutorial doesn't make learning the basics of the game any easier. The current tutorial is an improvement from the pre-7.00 version, which used an outdated version of the map...
CEVO is one of several third-party matchmaking services for CS:GO, but these days, it's not in great shape.

The CEVO Experience: Not Quite There Anymore

A few weeks ago, we took a look at FACEIT, one of CS:GO's third-party matchmaking services. This week we'll be paying CEVO a visit and taking a look at what they have to offer. At a macro level, CEVO is...
What do players want from Valve's Dota card game, Artifact?

Dota 2 as a Card Game: What Do We Want from Artifact?

I wrote a short piece about Artifact taking on Hearthstone last month, and, unfortunately, we still don't have any new information about the game. Valve has set up a Twitter account for Artifact, however, so it looks like they're...
Would adding a Live Overwatch system to CS:GO help catch more cheaters?

Why CS:GO Needs a Live Overwatch System

In terms of anti-cheat prevention systems, Valve’s VAC System does an okay job for the most part. There's also Overwatch, the crowdsourced demo review process designed to catch cheaters, which, while albeit not as instant as VAC, is somewhat...
Training your aim in CS:GO isn't easy, but there are plenty of tools designed to help players.

Boom, Headshot: Aim Training in CS:GO

Having good aim is one of the key aspects of being a successful Counter-Strike player. Being able to hit your target, regardless of whether they're strafing or standing still, is a vital skill that every player needs to master in...
CS:GO's five year anniversary celebration was, in the eyes of the community, a major disappointment. Do milestones matter in esports?

CS:GO’s Lackluster 5 Year Anniversary: Do Milestones Matter?

The 21st of August might be just another day for the majority of people, but CS:GO fans know it as the game's anniversary. When the first anniversary rolled around, Valve turned on "Party Mode" for all official servers, and releasing this...
Should Valve add a ringer system to CS:GO's official matchmaking?

Does Valve Matchmaking Need Ringers?

CS:GO will forever hold a special place in my heart. Now don't get me wrong, it is by no means a perfect game. I believe Valve needs to be more in touch with the community and focus more on...
Will Valve's new card game, Artifact, challenge Hearthstone for digital card game supremacy?

Does Artifact Stand a Chance Against Hearthstone?

TI7 is over, Patch 7.06f is here, and there's not much pro Dota going on right now. As we bask in the glory of The International, it's a good time to turn our attention towards Artifact, Valve's new Dota-based...
How does FACEIT's matchmaking service compare to the competition?

FACEIT: The Ugly Duckling of Matchmaking Services

Out of all the third party matchmaking services for CS:GO, few seem to be as universally disliked as FACEIT. From laggy servers to the lackluster anti-cheat, it's a wonder that FACEIT is still being used. With that in mind, what is the...

WESA: The Silent Boogeyman of CS:GO

The world of esports is often described as a Wild West: a chaotic and lawless frontier, lacking regulation and protections, but full of profit for those willing to take the risk. Enter WESA, the "World Esports Association" serving as self-appointed...
Screenshot of Axe standing in Radiant's fountain on the Reef's Edge terrain.

Watching Dota 2 for the First Time: What You Need to Know

This is an article that's seriously overdue. My enthusiasm for Dota has convinced a couple of friends to turn on a match and attempt to watch the game, and it takes about ten seconds before they're totally lost. How do you...

The Potential of CS:GO’s Newly Unbanned Stars

The news that the CS:GO community has been longing for since the North American Match Fixing Scandal finally came last week: the ex-iBUYPOWER and Epsilon players have finally been unbanned, albeit only from ESL competitions. The short explanation of what this...