Training your aim in CS:GO isn't easy, but there are plenty of tools designed to help players.
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Boom, Headshot: Aim Training in CS:GO

Aug 28, 2017
(Featured image by Esports Edition.)

Having good aim is one of the key aspects of being a successful Counter-Strike player. Being able to hit your target, regardless of whether they’re strafing or standing still, is a vital skill that every player needs to master in order to stand a chance at climbing the ranks or, in a more general sense, “getting gud.” Don’t worry, there are plenty of resources out there to help even the newest players train their aim and launch their journey to stardom.

One of the most popular ways to practice is with an aim map, particularly training_aim_csgo2. This five-star rated map contains many different aim training options from fast aiming to burst training to reflex training. You can change the targets in various ways, such as color or distance, and can pick from every single weapon available in CS:GO.

Screenshot of options menu in training_aim_csgo2.
(Screenshot of options in training_aim_csgo2.)

For those needing more assisted training, Boomeo is arguably the most popular–or at least the most well-advertised–platform. Boomeo features video guides from professional players like desi, NBK, and n0thing. Apart from that, they also feature different training game modes like duels, which are basically 1v1s on real maps, retakes, and standard deathmatch. The only downside is that most of the pro guides are for premium users, which costs $9.99 per month. You do get a two day free trial upon signing up, so make sure you try out the service before committing.

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Apart from Boomeo, there are a couple less popular options I found when researching this topic. One of these is a website called, which runs you through a number of flash animations meant to train your aim, reflex and speed. While this does not solely revolve around CS:GO, it can still help you with aim and reflex, two things that are extremely important in any first person shooter. If you’re not able to boot up CS:GO but want to work on your fundamentals, sites like this are an acceptable alternative.

Another alternative is a website called This is the most barebones of the three. You don’t get videos, servers, or flash animations. All you get is a training schedule. The schedule outlines how much you should practice per day with different weapons and modes such as raw aim training, recoil training, smoke training, and deathmatch over a 50 day period. Apparently, this used to be a paid service but is now free. Now, whether this is a good thing or not…well, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Whether or not these services work is a very subjective answer. Personally, I think nothing beats experience with actually playing the game, but I can see why something like Boomeo might help new players. If you want to practice your aim in a “real” environment but don’t want to put your rank on the line, consider trying out FACEIT or other third-party matchmaking services. Playing on community deathmatch and aim servers is another great way to get rekt by people who have been playing CS since before you were born refine your skills. Counter-Strike can be a very intimidating game for new players, and, all in all, it’s a very good idea for these kinds of websites to exist.

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