Deathrattle Warrior Guide

Sep 22, 2016


Back when Whispers of the Old Gods was released, a big deal was made about Deathrattle Paladin. Everyone, their mother, and I were playing it. As it turns out, it’s just not that good against many of the meta decks. Shaman in particular have it for lunch, as they put down constant streams of threats. Deathrattle Paladin only has board clear removal, so they struggle with the onslaught. Control Warrior does not have this issue. In fact, it has very good removal for all tiers. So you take the incredible power of Deathrattle and pair it with the amazing removal of Control Warrior and we give birth to the Deathrattle Warrior.

Deathrattle Warrior Decklist

Deathrattle Warrior Decklist

Basically this is a core Control Warrior decklist, with Deathrattle cards. If you want to put in things like Infected Healbot, that would be fine as well. Barnes is in there for extreme Deathrattle synergy. If you pull a Deathrattle card, it dies there as well, so N’Zoth pulls an extra copy. As well as getting the Deathrattle effect itself. Chillmaw is simply in there as a big taunt, if you want to replace it with Abomination, that’s fine.

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This deck is played identical to Control Warrior in nearly every way. You make use of your control to
hold them off, then you play big threats. You make sure you aren’t in danger because you have so much armour. By playing cards like Infested Tauren, you guarantee you’ll be protected the turn that N’Zoth comes down. Try to play around their removal as best as you can, draw out the game, build up armour. Then slam N’Zoth and watch them scramble.
The deck also runs Elise, in order to win control matchups. Make sure you play Cairne, Chillmaw, Sylvanas, and N’Zoth, then play the Golden Monkey. That way you get the optimal number of threats, and simply overwhelm your opponent with legendaries. In fact, you may get another N’Zoth, I have several times. This deck is all about value. Make the most of it, Control Matchups become hard to lose.

Deathrattle WarriorGood Matchups

This deck excels against midrange decks. It has time to build up armour, and enough removal to deal with their threats. Brawls make short work of groups of minions, while Justicar’s Tank Up simply tanks the rest. Virtually no midrange decks can deal with the value you produce, as mentioned. This deck is also very strong against most aggro decks, because of its removal. Ravaging Ghoul and Fiery War Axe make short work of their early game, then you build up armour and stall.

Bad Matchups

The hardest decks to deal with are Shamans. I would say this deck is good against aggro and midrange, but Shamans are just so strong. If you curve out well, you beat them, if you don’t, you’ll seriously struggle. Not because they counter you, but because they are Shamans.

The deck that actually counters this deck is Control Priest. I said that this deck beats control, but Control Priest has one very important tool: Entomb. Entomb basically removes your threats three times over. Once on board, once from N’Zoth, and once because now it’s in their deck. This can be very hard to deal with. Basically throw out your threats as early as possible and hope they don’t have Emtomb. If they do, just play for Golden Monkey time.

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