Fun Deck Guide: C’Thun Mage

Sep 23, 2016


In light of the recent anger towards the general Hearthstone competitive scene, I decided to make more fun guides. These guides are not designed to take you to legend, but rather to have fun. The decks may be competitive, they may not, but the goal is to enjoy deckbuilding and laddering!

This week’s deck is C’Thun Mage. This is one of my favourite fun decks. It follows the Tempo Mage model, but the end goal is a lot more fun. C’Thun has always been one of my favourite archetypes, and Mage has been one of my favourite classes. Playing the control removal game in a tempo archetype is also quite interesting. C’Thun as a finisher adds another whole dynamic to the deck.

C’Thun Mage Decklist

C'Thun Mage decklist This is my decklist. It has lots of room for adjustments. Possible other additions can include Faceless Summoner, Ethereal Conjurer, and Antonidas. If you want to know other cards that fit, look at Tempo Mage. There are fewer low mana spells because Flamewaker/Antonidas aren’t your finishers. Play with it, have fun!


This deck has an interesting playstyle. Although the list is very similar to Tempo Mage, it does not play the same way. This is due to the different finishers. This deck does well in a slower playstyle. Trading and board clearing are far more efficient than going aggressive. Rely on the several finishers this deck has, including C’Thun, to finish the job. Obviously you should be more aggressive against control decks, but your deck is designed to sustain pressure. Treat it as a midrange deck more than tempo.

One of the most interesting cards in this deck is Flamewaker. He isn’t meant to do a ton of damage here, unlike Tempo decks. Rather, he is used to finish clearing minions, as well as create a soft-taunt. Make use of the threat of Flamewaker to bait out your opponent’s removals, while getting some value from him. Then plop down some Twin Emperors and enjoy your opponent floundering!

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Competitive Level

C'Thun MageWhile fun, this deck is decently competitive as well. C’Thun decks aren’t in the best place, with C’Thun Warrior being the only particularly strong one. However, this doesn’t mean they are awful, and C’Thun Mage can certainly be strong. The biggest downfall this deck has is that it loses fairly hard to Midrange Shaman. It also has difficulties against several Warrior variants. The deck is strong by itself, but when you take into account meta decks, it is suddenly very weak.

This deck can easily get you to rank ten, probably even rank five if you pilot it right. It certainly has legend potential, but it will struggle quite a bit against the top meta picks. Hearthstone is at a place where curving is simply too strong, so meta decks can easily beat this one down, regardless of skill. This will make your climb very difficult, although not impossible.

Entertainment Level

Your enjoyment with this deck will very much stem from enjoying C’Thun as a whole. You probably knew this long before this part, but if you don’t like C’Thun archetypes, steer clear. But if you think that shooting a few dozen small pink balls at your opponent’s face is fun, join the club!

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