Juggernaut's Arcana is still missing, seven months after TI6.

Valve (Still) Hasn’t Released Juggernaut’s Arcana

Enough shenanigans, Valve. TI6 was seven months ago, and there's still no Juggernaut Arcana. If you're new to Dota, an Arcana is a special cosmetic item that's 'fancier' than the regular hats players can buy on the Steam market or open in...
DOTA Valve Amateur Tournaments

Amateur Tournaments: How to Grow an Industry

A few days ago, a post was submitted to Reddit by Rajee 'Rj' Jenkins about the state of amateur tournaments in Dota 2 . The post, an open letter to Valve from amateur Dota 2 tournament hosts, was written on behalf...
Newzoo Global Esports Market Report - Featured

Newzoo Global Esports Market Report Projects Massive Growth

Last week, I was contacted by the data specialists over at Newzoo. Newzoo is the leading provider of esports marketing data in all its various forms. The company deals with all manners of data analysis regarding the entire gaming industry. The...
Mastery Chest Probability in League of Legends

Loot Probability in Games: Should It Be Disclosed?

The Chinese Ministry of Culture recently posted a notice informing the gaming community that they are enforcing regulations on online gaming corporations. The document focuses on the healthy development of online gaming businesses and seeks to hold corporations responsible for user...
CS:GO Glove Skins - Glove Case Update

Glove Skins in CS:GO: What’s Next?

Earlier this week, Valve announced the introduction of Glove Cases, a new case that contains a mixture of new weapon skins, and, more importantly, the first customized glove skins in the game. Seventeen of the twenty-four new glove skins are community-made...

Splitting the Powerhouse: The NA and EU Division Split

The Boston Qualifiers concluded earlier this month and we have our sixteen teams that will compete in the Boston Major this December. This Major presented Valve and the Dota 2 community with a particularly heated issue. As we saw, many...

Another Valve Documentary: True Sight vs. Free to Play

Valve is back at it with a new documentary series, True Sight. This is a follow-up to 2014's Free To Play, which followed the journeys of hyhy, Fear, and Dendi. Here's the link to Valve's blog post about True Sight. True Sight, A Valve...