League of Legends vs. Overwatch. Which game has built a better esports infrastructure?

The Dynamics of an Esports Team

2019 has just kicked off and already we have some tournaments under way. In CS:GO, Team Liquid just won the iBUYPOWER Masters, the Chongqing Major is underway for the Dota 2 community, and the LCS for League of Legends...
The post-TI7 roster shuffles have happened, and as the dust settles, one question remains: which teams are looking in good shape this season?

Dota 2: Post-TI7 Roster Shuffle Analysis

Ah, the post-TI roster shuffle. Your favorite teams inevitably disband or swap players and you're left looking at your EG shirt wondering why you bought it. Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration--Universe is still on the team, Fear's...
What can Valve learn from the raw emotions captured in the loser interviews at TI7?

Should Players Be Forced to Give Loser Interviews at TI?

Valve's boldest production choice at TI7 was the addition of interviews with players just moments after they had been eliminated from the tournament. In traditional sports, loser interviews are very common -- you'll often see them included in coverage...
These are our picks for the best games of TI7, the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year.

The Best Games of TI7: 5 Must-Watch Matches

My day job sometimes sends me out to places with no cell phone reception. It's usually not a big deal, until I have to spend a week camping during the biggest Dota tournament of the year. When I got...
How did Team Liquid win TI7? Lane dominance, masterful drafting, and the ability to learn from their mistakes all played a significant factor in propelling the team to victory in KeyArena.

Dota 2: How Team Liquid Won TI7

"Team Liquid are no longer doing it, Team Liquid have done it!" Despite falling down to the lower bracket and battling hard against some outstanding Chinese sides, Team Liquid are your The International 2017 Champions and the undisputed best team in the...
Screenshot of Axe standing in Radiant's fountain on the Reef's Edge terrain.

Watching Dota 2 for the First Time: What You Need to Know

This is an article that's seriously overdue. My enthusiasm for Dota has convinced a couple of friends to turn on a match and attempt to watch the game, and it takes about ten seconds before they're totally lost. How do you...
Suma1l has made a name for himself as one of the most terrifying carry players in Dota 2. Will he deliver another superstar performance at TI7?

TI7 Preview: Carry Players to Keep an Eye On

The International 2017 (TI7) begins in under two weeks. Here are some carry players to keep an eye on during the Group Stage: mason - Digital Chaos If you've heard of mason, you might remember him as that guy that was on EG...