Path of Exile

Looking for the easiest and most idiot-proof Path of Exile builds? You're in the right place.

The Five Laziest Path of Exile Builds

As is typical from the action role-playing game genre, Path of Exile isn't mechanically demanding. In comparison to the 300+ actions-per-minute that a good StarCraft player executes, even the most demanding Path of Exile builds require less than a third...
What features are you hoping get added to Path of Exile in the game's 3.0 update?

Path of Exile: What Features Should Be Added in 3.0?

Path of Exile's Fall of Oriath launch is coming soon. In fact, it's in beta right now. With the 3.0 launch, you can expect to see a lot of changes. In addition to six new acts worth of playable...
When The Fall of Oriath is released in mid-July, expect to see more players combining support gems and DOT abilities.

DOT Changes in Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath

As the release date for Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath gets closer and closer, fans of the popular ARPG are rolling up their sleeves and putting their theorycrafting hats on. And for good reason. Lots of features and...
Join us as we take you on a visual walkthrough of Act Five in Path of Exile's Fall of Oriath expansion.

Path of Exile: A Visual Walkthrough of Act Five

With the release of Path of Exile: Fall of Oriath on the horizon, players with access to the beta have began exploring this massive new expansion in preparation. Until now, Path of Exile's campaign had four sections ("Acts"), but in Fall of...
Racing is one of the best ways for newer Path of Exile players to learn more about the game's intricate and complex mechanics.

Path of Exile: The Joy of Racing

This month, as Grinding Gear Games prepare to release their highly-anticipated 3.0 patch, Path of Exile is hosting a series of events, many of which are races of various kinds. I've talked about racing before, and you should definitely...
Elitism is a common sight in multiplayer gaming, and League of Legends, Dota, and Hearthstone are some of the worst offenders.

Elitism in Esports: Check Your Ego at the Door

If you’ve ever played any competitive game online, you’ve probably experienced more than your fair share of elitism. Someone doesn’t like something you did, so they call you a “bronze scrub" or ask if you're "boosted." Or you get...
Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath is now live, and the popular ARPG's 3.0 release has us salivating.

First Impressions on Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath

Today, we're going to talk about the changes to Acts 1-4 in Path of Exile's upcoming highly anticipated 3.0 release. There's a plethora of new content to be found in Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath, and enough changes...
Path of Exile energy shields have been hit with a massive nerf in the game's 3.0 update.

Path of Exile: Energy Shield and Life Changes in 3.0

Path of Exile players are undoubtedly aware of the game's ongoing issues with energy shields and life. At the moment, energy shield builds are objectively a better choice -- it's more efficient and effective than a life skill build...
Racing is a bit of a niche activity in Path of Exile, but the game has a dedicated community of hardworking speedrunners trying to set new world records.

Gotta Go Fast: Racing in Path of Exile

It's not quite the same as Mario Kart, but Path of Exile's racing scene is bigger than you might think. It's a great game for speedrunning, and both the developers and the community have taken an active interest in the...
Macros are banned in Path of Exile because they allegedly give players an unfair advantage. But where do we draw the line?

Path of Exile Macro Usage: Popsicle Sticks and Unfairness

If you’ve ever played an MMORPG, you've run into the 'more buttons than fingers' problem. Between moving your character, using skills, activating potions, and other miscellaneous actions, the controls can become absolutely ridiculous, if not downright comical. Thankfully, many...
The Path of Exile community has developed a wide range of powerful tools to help players maximize their in-game efficiency.

Path of Exile: The Best Community Tools

Editor's note: Welcome to Esports Edition's ongoing coverage of Path of Exile. We'll be the first to admit that it isn't exactly competitive--PoE is all about PvE, not PvP. Acronyms aside, Path of Exile has surged in popularity in recent months,...
There's no shortage of weird builds to use (and abuse) in Path of Exile.

Path of Exile: The Weirdest Builds

Because of the intense level of customization possible in Path of Exile, there are a lot of unique builds. So far, most of mine have been fairly basic, but even those can involve some interesting mechanics. For example, my...