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The Top Three Storylines of the Overwatch League Stage Three Playoffs

This past weekend we saw some of the best Overwatch we’ve seen in months - meta breaking drafts, intense teamfights that defied logic, and the longest Grand Finals we’ve had all year. There was a lot of...
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Roster Changes in 2019

A new year means new roster changes in esports. It's going to be a big year for esports, and with each team chasing for greatness roster changes are inevitable. To get you caught up on all the Dota 2 and...

How Has Wrecking Ball Impacted Overwatch in 2018?

On July 24th, Blizzard got the ball rolling and introduced Hammond, more officially known in Overwatch as the seventh and latest tank, Wrecking Ball. We've had a few good months with everyone's favourite hamster hero, giving pros and casual...

Season 10 Meta Tips

Overwatch Season 10 is reaching its midpoint and that last push to Diamond and beyond is just around the corner. Making that final leap to a greater rank can often feel daunting, especially if you haven't been keeping up...
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Reaper: The Solution to the Tank Meta

It’s no secret that with Brigitte released into the wild and Moira being strong as ever, we’re going to see a rise of slower tank-based team compositions in the near future. With Brigitte’s armor and crowd control paired with...

Overwatch: Season 9 Is Here

Season 9 Has Arrived! Are you ready? On Sunday, Overwatch’s eighth competitive season came to a close, and after a short off-season, we’re now up and running again for the ninth competitive season. Although it’s only been two days, there are...

OWL Signs First Female Player: Kim “Geguri” Se-Yeon

The first stage of the Overwatch League has come to a close, and teams are taking the opportunity to re-evaluate their rosters. Of all of the teams in the league, the 0-10 Shanghai Dragons have made the biggest set...
Overwatch esports still isn't attracting viewers the way many expected it to. What can Blizzard do to fix this?

Why Overwatch Esports (Still) Sucks

Despite the commercial and critical success of Overwatch, the game's professional scene has still failed to attract a following. Blizzard hosted the Overwatch World Cup at Blizzcon this year, but viewership of the tournament was, for the most part,...
Would adding a Live Overwatch system to CS:GO help catch more cheaters?

Why CS:GO Needs a Live Overwatch System

In terms of anti-cheat prevention systems, Valve’s VAC System does an okay job for the most part. There's also Overwatch, the crowdsourced demo review process designed to catch cheaters, which, while albeit not as instant as VAC, is somewhat...
TF2 has a lot in common with Overwatch. Blizzard's game is clearly the heir to TF2's throne, but both games have an important place in the video game history books.

TF2 vs. Overwatch: The Test of Time

Team-based objective-driven role-heavy shooters. You love 'em, I love 'em. Who doesn't love 'em? But when you apply that many filters to your search query, it's going to boil down to two and only two games. Fine, two games that...