The Party Crashers in Hearthstone's recent Tavern Brawl have turned the game into a fancy looking coin-flipping simulator.

Party Crashers: Hearthstone’s Worst Tavern Brawl Ever

Hearthstone's current Tavern Brawl is the worst one yet. If you've read my articles, it won't come as a surprise that I hate excessive randomness in Hearthstone. Tavern Brawls often include a lot of randomness--think Webspinners, Unstable Portals, and Encounter at...
Should esports professionals be prevented from sleeping with fans? The issue remains a taboo topic of discussion in industry circles.

Jung’s Wednesday Rant: Sleeping with Fans

While certain topics in esports draw considerable controversy--substance abuse, collusion, infighting--few are more taboo than the concept of 'fansleeping.' It's rarely talked about, and remains almost completely uncovered. Before talking about why it's overlooked, however, let's talk about what...
Team Vitality were given in a remake during a losing game against GIANTS! Gaming.

Controversial Remake Sours Team Vitality’s Victory

The Week 7 LCS match between GIANTS! Gaming and Team Vitality started off fairly innocuously, with GIANTS! poised to claim a 2-0 victory. When Vitality's Nukeduck paused game 2 at 26:15, the score was 0-7. Here’s a screenshot of...
The public feud between Puppey and EternalEnvy has started back up again.

The Drama Continues: Puppey vs. EternalEnvy, Round 2

If you're looking for the backstory on this drama, let's get you caught up. Click here to read about EternalEnvy publicly accusing former teammate and popular Dota 2 player Puppey of theft, fraud, and general assholery. Puppey and EternalEnvy are at...

Corrective Lenses: The Slow Decline of OpTic Gaming

Towards the end of 2016, OpTic Gaming was at the top of the North American CS:GO scene. They were competing at the highest level, winning international titles and making several deep tournament runs. Based on event results alone, OpTic were considered...

Party MMR: How to Fix Valve’s Broken System

Party MMR is one of the most divisive topics within the Dota community. While the ranked system as a whole could probably do with an overhaul, questions over the value and legitimacy of Party MMR linger. What's the point? Do...
CS:GO IGL Leadership Issues

A Good IGL Is Hard to Find: Leadership Issues in NA CS:GO

The recent acquisition of IGL Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz by Team Liquid was a massive roster move, seemingly coming out of nowhere. During his time on OpTic Gaming, stanislaw saw a lot of success, winning Northern Arena Montreal and ELEAGUE...
Esports Burnout - Watching Dota

Esports Burnout and the Dreaded Work-Life Balance

The "work-life" balance is often discussed in professional circles. When I was interviewing for my day job, both employers made a point to bring it up with me during the interview. There are good reasons for this--it's important to...

The Role of the In-Game Leader in CS:GO

The in-game leader position is in a very peculiar place in CS:GO. While all pro teams have in-game leaders, it's worth noting that pro play, in general, has moved away from the strict tactical approach that has dominated the...
DOTA2 TI7 Location

TI7: Should Valve Look for a New Home?

It's been two long weeks since President Trump signed an executive order that temporarily barred all individuals from seven majority Muslim countries from entering the United States. This ban is not limited to visitors but extends to individuals who hold valid visa, refugees and...
PPD with Headset

Is PPD the Tom Brady of Dota?

So let's get this out of the way right off the bat: I can't stand the Patriots. After spending seven years in New England, I got tired of hearing about how they're "the greatest football team ever" and "Tom...
Most Popular MOBA -- League of Legends or Dota 2?

Most Popular MOBA: Glued to the Screen

Writing about MOBAs means that I'm constantly talking about players, team roster changes and what I see on Twitch. This usually leads into a discussion about the popularity of the various MOBAs and which game is the most popular. The most...