North America doesn't have the same PC bang culture as South Korea, but it's only a matter of time until that changes.

Gamer Space: Reimagining the PC Bang

It's a little past 1:00 AM. I've just stumbled out of the gated doors of Net8 Esports Arena, a PC bang in Richmond, British Columbia after a 3-hour Overwatch/League of Legends session with a group of longtime friends. My eyes are...
SG e-sports pulled off an upset victory against Team Secret at the Kiev Major that reminded the world to never underestimate smaller teams.

The Underdog Story: SG e-sports at the Kiev Major

The Kiev Major, like every Major that preceded it, taught us another valuable lesson about underdogs in esports. At the Boston Major, Ad Finem fought their way to the Grand Finals in a feat of passion and skill that reminded...
Semphis - CS:GO Player Profile

SEMPHIS: The Man with the Mouth

Kory "SEMPHIS" Friesen is a well-known, albeit occasionally polarizing, North American CS:GO player. Although winning a large international tournament continues to elude him, there's no denying that SEMPHIS has an impressive competitive resume. He's been a staple of the NA Counter-Strike scene since...

Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu: The Willful Wanderer

It was recently announced that Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu will be leaving OpTic Gaming, despite having only joined the team in February of 2017. This is the fourth team peacemaker has been a part of since becoming a coach at...

Corrective Lenses: The Slow Decline of OpTic Gaming

Towards the end of 2016, OpTic Gaming was at the top of the North American CS:GO scene. They were competing at the highest level, winning international titles and making several deep tournament runs. Based on event results alone, OpTic were considered...

Stunted Growth: Stewie2k, NA’s Golden Child

In January of 2016, Cloud9 announced Jake "Stewie2k" Yip as the fifth member of their new roster. Fans were quick with with their backlash, and many thought the acquisition was incredibly underwhelming. It's easy to understand why Cloud9 was criticized...
CS:GO IGL Leadership Issues

A Good IGL Is Hard to Find: Leadership Issues in NA CS:GO

The recent acquisition of IGL Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz by Team Liquid was a massive roster move, seemingly coming out of nowhere. During his time on OpTic Gaming, stanislaw saw a lot of success, winning Northern Arena Montreal and ELEAGUE...
OGN Overwatch Apex Season 2

OGN Overwatch Apex Season 2: First Week Recap

The beginning of Season 2 of the OGN Overwatch Apex saw Cloud 9 and KongDoo Panthera advance with easy victories over Conbox Spirit and Fnatic. Conbox Spirit put up a decent fight, winning the first round on Ilios with the help of...

The Slow Death of Counter Logic Gaming’s CS:GO Team

For parts of 2015, Counter Logic Gaming was arguably the best team in NA. They had consistent role players around some potential stars, and got good results. Going into 2016, the team was not making much progress. Throughout 2016...

Riot Was Right to Remove Normal Draft

Every time something gets taken away from the community, an incredibly vocal minority starts crying out, usually exaggerating facts and ignoring the objective. Last season, it was solo queue. Before that, the reaction had surrounded things like Mana Potions...
UBC Celebrating their win in the uLoL Campus Series

Riot Announces the 2017 uLoL Campus Series

After a successful inaugural season, which witnessed University of British Columbia capture their second League of Legends collegiate championship, Riot Games has announced details of their upcoming 2017 Campus Series. Replacing Riot’s former collegiate equivalent, the North American Collegiate Championship,...

Splyce Interview: Roster Changes, Fresh Faces, and Teamwork

Esports Edition interviewed Splyce's CS:GO team at Northern Arena. Here's what they had to say. Esports Edition: “First question for you guys --we all know that there are lots of stereotypes about North American Counter-Strike, but are there any stereotypes about...