OGN Overwatch Apex Season 2

OGN Overwatch Apex Season 2: First Week Recap

Jan 23, 2017

The beginning of Season 2 of the OGN Overwatch Apex saw Cloud 9 and KongDoo Panthera advance with easy victories over Conbox Spirit and Fnatic.

Conbox Spirit put up a decent fight, winning the first round on Ilios with the help of some expert Roadhog plays by DPS main Lee SleepyBear Geum Yong. However, the team had been overtaken by Round 4 on Route 66, shoring up Cloud 9’s three point victory. Both teams entered with a ton of confidence–Conbox’s Park Liz Seung Min boasted that he would “shut down” Cloud 9’s Lane Surefour Roberts. After the dust settled, Liz was left writing checks his thumbs couldn’t cash, and Surefour had won one for the Americans (even though he’s Canadian, but we won’t hold that against him as long as he’s winning).

KongDoo had a much more leisurely time, sweeping Fnatic in a three round, flawless victory. The team’s success can possibly be owed to some pretty intense restructuring, having replaced four of the 6 members in the last month alone.

This comes on the heels of Tuesday’s matchup between Tuesday’s double feature matchup between LW Blue and Misfits, as well as EnVyUs and MVP Infinity. Here we saw LW Blue take Misfits down a peg, while Infinity and EnVy stayed pretty well neck and neck until EnVy broke the tie with a decisive win on Hollywood.

The first round of the set was a crushing loss for the internet’s favorites, EnVy. A beautifully timed Nano Boost turned Hui-seong EasyBro Choi’s Genji into a slicing, dicing chop-o-matic, putting MVP Infinity on the scoreboard. EnVyUs got their revenge on King’s Row, and EasyBro in particular. Up to his tricks from last time, EasyBro had another Nano Boost ready for Genji, but a clutch play from Timo Taimou Kettunen’s roadhog splattered EasyBro and turned the tides for EnVyUs.

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After an edge-of-the-seat performance like that, Misfits and LW Blue had big shoes to fill, but the match still managed to entertain regardless. Both teams have a powerful lineup, Misfits currently consisting of some of the best players in the land of Ikea, and LW Blue predicted by some to become the best team in Korea after the acquisition of Hwang “Fl0w3R” Yeon-oh from LW Red. Some pretty sweet snap headshots were made by Misfits’ Widowmaker, but in the end, they just couldn’t carry the payload.

So far, the second season of OGN Overwatch Apex is showing off the rivalry between East and West, with 50% of the winners being American-based teams, and the other half being renowned South Korean teams celebrating the home team advantage. Time will tell who will come out on top.

The next game is scheduled for the 31st, with Lunatic-Hai clashing against Afreeca Freecs Red, both Korean teams. Be sure to stay tuned and follow the match on Twitter and their streams on Twitch

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