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Cloud9 Overwatch Signs Gods; KyKy Benched

Jan 17, 2017
Featured image via Nvidia GeForce

Cloud9 Overwatch has brought a third DPS player onto their roster with the addition of Daniel “Gods” Graeser, just in time for the season 2 premier of the Korean OGN Overwatch APEX League. To make room for this move, Kyle “KyKy” Souder has stepped down from the starting roster, however, is still under contract in some capcacity.

Gods previously spent time with Luminosity Gaming, before it was acquired by NRG eSports, often shining as the brightest spot on the mediocre team. In addition to proficient McCree and Soldier play when meta-appropriate, Graeser was renowned for his top level Widowmaker, especially in the beginnings of the competitive Overwatch scene. However, recently the prevalence of tanks in the popular metagame has been less than favorable to the top DPS players in North America, who have been forced to adapt and pick offtanks like Zarya and Roadhog.

And the theme of adaptation will need to carry through for this iteration of the Cloud9 Overwatch roster if they hope to find success in the most competitive Overwatch league yet. Given that the roster already boasts Lane “Surefour” Roberst and Lucas “Mendokusaii” Hakansson as DPS/Flex players, the former for hitscan and the later as a Genji master, all will need to make sacrifices.

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Greener pastures for KyKy?

Though Cloud9 once stood at the apex of Overwatch, their performance has taken a hit of late, with accommodating roster shuffles to boot.

Cloud9 Overwatch
The team that started out on top of the Overwatch scene has just half its roster left. Image via Nvidia GeForce.

Most recently, KyKy has been spotted playing in 6-stacks with members of EnVyUs, who are coming off of an APEX Championship title after a rejuvenation from Pongphop “Mickie” Rattanasangchod. While the details of KyKy’s contract status are somewhat ambiguous, his presence with EnvyUs is not.

In a recent tweet, EnVyUs captain Dennis “INTERNETHULK” Hawelka stated that KyKy was trying out with the team for a coaching position, with optimistic results thus far.

Both EnVyUs and Cloud9 will be representing North America alongside Fnatic in season 2 of the OGN Overwatch APEX league.

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