CLG Interview at Northern Arena: Focused on Building a Team

Esports Edition traveled to Toronto last Thursday for a day of interviews with the teams attending Northern Arena. We sat down with Counter Logic Gaming’s CS:GO team for a quick chat before they had played any of their matches...
A portrait of the fragger as a young man.

The One and Only: S1mple to Na’Vi

It's the end of an era. Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev has left Team Liquid's CS:GO team in pursuit of greener pastures, joining the Natus Vincere roster as a replacement for longtime member and team captain Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko. The departure of s1mple from Team Liquid is...

Summit1G Roasts Himself: Burning Passion at DreamHack Austin

I was originally going to title this article "Man Burns Himself to Death in Front of Horrified Crowd at DreamHack Austin." And then I debated going with "Streamer Realizes He Is His Own Worst Enemy On Stage In Front of...

NA Qualifiers: The World Turned on Its Head

What can you say? This month has been crazy in the NA scene. Between iconic teams disbanding, important roster changes, and nearly daily content to absorb, keeping up with the scene has been near impossible. On top of all...

Is It Time for Another North American Shuffle?

Roster instability is as much a part of the North American Counter-Strike scene as explosive personalities, alleged amphetamine abuse, jetlag, and behind-the-scenes--or, in some cases, livestreamed--drama. With a handful of exceptions, it’s common for professional CS:GO teams in North...
CS:GO - Luminosity Wins MLG Columbus 2016

Luminosity Win MLG Columbus 2016

After a long weekend of amazing Counter-Strike at MLG Columbus 2016, Luminosity Gaming emerged victorious, taking first place at the event and securing their position in eSports history as the winners of the first CS:GO Major with a $1...

Don’t Call It an Upset: Domestic Matchups and NA CS:GO

This past weekend, ten teams from the North American region took part in the iBuyPower Spring 2016 Invitational, an online tournament that offered up $16,000 in total prize money, including a $10,000 check for the team that took first-place....

New Challengers Appear: The MLG Columbus 2016 Qualifier

'Tis the season of qualifiers, and the MLG Columbus 2016 Main Qualifier LAN took place this weekend, as 16 teams competed for the remaining 8 spots available at the Columbus Major in April. The top 8 teams from the...

Drafting – Concepts and Strategies

-429 Former Tempo Storm captain Dreadnaught explains major drafting concepts and strategies and applies them to real drafts from the NA Spring Championship qualifier. While the ideas presented relate specifically to Heroes of the Storm, the core concepts can be...

Welcome New Brazilian Overlords: Tempo Storm to Katowice

After a marathon online qualifier, Brazilian underdogs Tempo Storm have battled their way through the brackets to secure a spot at the IEM World Championships Katowice 2016. The tournament in Poland will feature a prize pool of over $250,000...

Dota 2’s First Fall Major Boasts $3 Million Prize Pool

The first major in Valve's newly implemented tournament system is finally underway. The main event takes place between November 16th and 21st in Frankfurt Germany with an approximately 3 million dollar prize pool. There is a Fall Season compendium...

The North American Struggle for Dominance

  Last weekend, November 8th 2015 saw CEVO LAN finals, an international tournament held in North America. Since their partnership with MLG, CEVO LAN finals has grown to the level of a legitimate international event. Their talent pool brought premier...