We're starting to see the new Hearthstone meta take shape after the release of Journey to Un'Goro.

Journey to Un’Goro Meta Report #1: Early Standout Decks

  Journey to Un’Goro has been out almost a week now, and while it's clear that there's no shortage of viable decks, we're starting to see Hearthstone's new meta take shape. The Standard rotation has killed quite a few decks,...
The new Quest for Mage gives Hearthstone players lots of chances to pull off exciting combos.

The Best New Combos in Journey to Un’Goro

With every new set of Hearthstone cards, Blizzard introduces powerful combos. Some of these are obvious, and others not so much. This time around, Quests are responsible for bringing us a massive new arsenal of combos--the Druid and Mage Quests...
The Quests for Warrior, Druid, and Mage have been revealed, along with the full list of cards to be included in Hearthstone's Journey to Un'Goro expansion.

Final Journey to Un’Goro Quests: Druid, Mage, and Warrior

The cat is finally out of the bag, friends--the entire Journey to Un’Goro set has been revealed. This, of course, includes the legendary Quests for each class. For those who don’t know, Quests are one mana cards that start in...
Reno Mage Banner

Hearthstone Deck Guide: Reno Mage

The release of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan brought with it many new Reno cards. Very quickly it was established that Warlock was the best Reno class, with Priest trailing. Reno Mage was thrown to the dumpsters, deemed virtually unplayable....

Wild Guide – Freeze Mage

Introduction Recently I’ve made a foray back into wild mode. Wild is full of decks from the ages, with a few additions. The most common new deck is N’Zoth Priest, which is quite strong. There are also many old… favourites....

Aggro Freeze Mage Guide

Introduction Freeze Mage is one of the original decks of Hearthstone. It has had its ups and downs over the years, and it is currently in a slump. This is due to the unfavorable matchup it has with both Shaman...

Fun Deck Guide: C’Thun Mage

Introduction In light of the recent anger towards the general Hearthstone competitive scene, I decided to make more fun guides. These guides are not designed to take you to legend, but rather to have fun. The decks may be competitive,...
The Secret Mage deck has finally surged to the top of the Hearthstone meta.

The Top Arena Cards – Mage

At the moment Mage is widely considered the best class in arena, with a slightly higher win rate than Paladin and Rogue. But what makes them so dominant? We’ve discussed some of the nuances in the past, but this...
The Secret Mage deck has finally surged to the top of the Hearthstone meta.

The Best Mage Deck for Old Gods

Recently a lot of people have been asking me about decks that are viable in the Old Gods expansion. In particular, many people have been asking about Mage decks in the Standard format. Mages got hit quite hard with...
The Secret Mage deck has finally surged to the top of the Hearthstone meta.

Tempo Mage Guide

Tempo Mage has been around since the start of Hearthstone. Mages being such an efficient class curve out early, making them very difficult to be stopped. Tempo mage fell out of favour for a while with Grim Patron dominance, but...

So I Heard You like Giants?

Giants are fun, aren’t they? Hearthstone has some pretty amazing giants, and what is better than dropping four giants in a single turn? You’re probably thinking “a handlock guide, eh?” NOPE! This here is an Echo Mage guide. Introduction You may...