The new Quest for Mage gives Hearthstone players lots of chances to pull off exciting combos.
Featured image via HearthPwn, edited by Esports Edition.

The Best New Combos in Journey to Un’Goro

Apr 5, 2017
Featured image via HearthPwn, edited by Esports Edition.

With every new set of Hearthstone cards, Blizzard introduces powerful combos. Some of these are obvious, and others not so much. This time around, Quests are responsible for bringing us a massive new arsenal of combos–the Druid and Mage Quests encourage all kinds of shenanigans. Since there are too many powerful combos to explore in a single article, we’ll just go over a few of our favorites.

Druid Quest Combos

Druid’s Quest is Jungle Giants, and when you complete it, you’re awarded with Barnabus the Stomper, a five mana 8/8 Beast whose Battlecry lowers the cost of all minions in your deck to zero. This doesn’t affect cards in your hand, but let’s assume you’ve drawn the combo pieces after playing

Jungle Giants is the new Druid Quest, and completing it earns you Barbabus the Stomper, a five mana 8/8 Beast whose card text reads: "Battlecry: Reduce the Cost of minions in your deck to (0)."

Having all your minions cost 0 opens up lots of opportunities, unsurprisingly. The most obvious one is playing a zero mana Malygos into burning spells. This is only the tip of the iceberg, especially when you think about the possible wacky combos you could pull off in Wild. For example, Kel’Thuzad, Mire Lurker your own Kel’Thuzad, and then Deathwing. You’d get to keep your board while wiping your opponent’s side. You could even play the other minions first so they are revived by Kel’Thuzad. Of course, there’s also the Ragnaros into double Faceless Manipulator play. That’s a good one.

With RNG on your side, it’s even more insane. Imagine playing Chromagus, then Coldlight Oracle. Draw two Leeroy Jenkins and two Reckless Rocketeers? That’s 22 damage. If you add in Wisps of the Old Gods, that’s a perfect 30 damage combo. Insanely unlikely, but now possible. This is the kind of thing that makes Hearthstone fun to watch–the stuff that’s possible, but defies probability.

Or how about Starfire and Swipe into a zero mana Kun to refresh your mana, into another Starfireand Swipe? That’s a measly five card combo for 18 damage.

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Mage Quest Combos

The Mage Quest is called Open the Waygate, and once you’ve completed it, Time Warp is added to your hand. Time Warp is the king of combos–it’s a five mana spell that gives you another turn after this one. If you’re a regular Hearthstone player and you can’t think of any combos to use with Time Warp, it might be time to look at other games. Or read my suggestions.

Open the Waygate is the new Quest for Mage in Journey to Un'Goro. If you complete it, Time Warp is added to your hand. Time Warp is a five mana spell whose card text reads: "Take an extra turn."

The obvious answer to a lethal use of Time Warp is having a lot of minions in play. Make use of their two attacks to win. Effective, but boring. I rather like the idea of playing a large Stealth minion, then next turn playing Time Warp into Molten Reflection. You get to attack that turn with the first, then with both the next turn! If you can manage to get stealth on Volcanosaur, then we start to enter lethality territory. He can either get +3 attack, so 24 total damage, or Windfury, so 30 damage. Even if you don’t get an ideal Adaptation, you’ve got 15 potential damage and two big beasts in play.

My favorite combo, however, comes from Wild, and it’s an infinite damage combo. You only need five specific cards and one generic spell in your hand to make it work. On the first turn, play two Sorcerer’s Apprentices. You now have six mana left. Play a discounted Echo of Medivh. Now you’ve got four mana left. Play another Sorcerer’s Apprentice–this leaves you with two mana. Use your last two mana to play a thrice discounted Time Warp. Turn two, play the final Sorcerer’s Apprentice, play Antonidas, and play any generic spell. Congratulations, you now have infinite Fireballs that cost zero mana. If you can get those specific five cards and one spell in hand–with ten mana–you’ve automatically won the game.

Have you discovered any cool Journey to Un’Goro combos? Tweet them at us and we’ll include our favorites in an upcoming article!

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