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The Four Worst Cards in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Nov 15, 2016

The Worst Cards So Far?

First things first: the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan set has not been entirely revealed yet. At this point we are dealing with 64 of the 132 cards, so just under half. And many of the cards have been quite good. But there are a few that have stood out to me as exceptionally awful. These are cards that are either bad all the time, or require ridiculous scenarios to be good. There are plenty that I will reserve judgement on until the set is released, but not these ones. These are the worst of the worst.

4. Wind-Up Burglebot

Wind Up Burglebot Fourth Worst New Card.
I can see where they were going with Wind-Up Burglebot. Theoretically, it’s not even that bad an idea. However, in practice, this card is horrendous. Its stats are well under par for a six mana card, there are many five mana 5/5s. That means that the card’s ability has to make up for its inferior stats. Does Wind-Up Burglebot do that? Hell no. In a best case scenario, the most you could realistically hope for is one draw off of this. That puts it about on par with its stat line.

However, you can only play this on turn six. By that point, your opponent will have a dozen answers, and you’ll have thrown away six mana on a card that doesn’t even impact the board. The only reason I think this card has any playability at all is the fact that it’s a mech. We’ll see if that carries it anywhere.

3. Big-Time Racketeer

Big Time Racketeer Third Worst
Big-Time Racketeer is an interesting card. And by interesting, I mean bad. Splitting up cards into two bodies can be very effective. Much less effective when one of them is negligibly small. There are only two scenarios where I see this card being good. The first: Brann is in play. Fair enough, you get 13/13 for six, great value. The other scenario is that a new card comes out that activates the battlecry of a creature. That could potentially give this some reason to be played.

However, there are so many other reasons to avoid it entirely. Barnes hitting this doesn’t work, Dirty Rat hitting it is awful. Madam Goya hitting it is a new level of terrible. There just seem to be a lot of reasons you’d rather play a 29 card deck over playing this.

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2. Grook Fu Master

Grook Fu Master Second Worst
Windfury. Grook Fu Master is the newest disappointment in a long line of failure. Windfury has been a keyword since the start of Hearthstone, and it’s literally never been good. The only exceptions here are Al-Akir who is sometimes situationally good, and Doomhammer. To me this just looks like they took Thrallmar Farseer and Grotesque Dragonhawk and combined them. Two unplayable cards turn into this new unplayable card! Woo!

1. Worgen Greaser

Worgen Greaser Worst
Worgen Greaser is my pick for worst card of the expansion so far. The other cards are bad, but could be redeemed on a situational basis. Worgen Greaser is just flat-out terrible. All the time. It falls into the Magma Rager vein of issues. Certain stat distributions are just bad. Extremely high attack with no defense makes a card easy to deal with. In fact, look at how under-played Ice Rager is. Nobody in their right mind would put that crap in a deck. Well Worgen Greaser has the same stat distribution, just one higher on each, as well as one mana higher.

This card can be dealt with almost all two drops. Practically every three drop. Anything with a divine shield. Pretty much any damage dealing spell in the game. Four drops are supposed to be extremely strong, it’s where you take control of the game. This card rarely even trades one for one. Easily my pick for worst card of The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan so far.

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