George "Hyped" Mangazini of Immortals has a passion for gaming, esports, and competition.

Interview with Immortals’ George “Hyped” Maganzini

Esports Edition's @Jungroan sat down with George "Hyped" Maganzini for an interview, where we explored some of Hyped's strategic views on competitive Overwatch, competitors, and helping his role as a mentor on the young rising stars from Immortals' Overwatch...
IMT Huni

Why Immortals Messed up by Letting Huni Go

Former Immortals top laner Huni is headed to Korea to join SKT. In a video titled "Why Huni isn't on IMT" Immortals CEO Noah Whinston describes exactly what went down with his team and former top laner over the...

Power of the Playmaker: A Double-Edged Sword

The Playmaker: An Ambiguous Role Unlike other esports such as League of Legends or DOTA 2, CS:GO has never had clear-cut definitive roles. Although there are roles, for example everyone knows what an entry fragger or a lurker might be, players...

Immortals Step into Overwatch by Acquiring Team Sodipop

Immortals have announced the acquisition of "Sodipop", an up-and-coming North American Overwatch roster that has been inching itself up the Atlantic food chain since its formation in June. The team found a new home under Immortals; a fitting match,...

Immortals Avoided Scrimming TSM in Hopes of a C9 Win

After defeating Cloud 9 in the 2016 NA LCS Grand Finals which took place in a sold out Air Canada Center in Toronto, Canada, TSM AD carry Doublelift shared some interesting details about his team's practice relationship with fellow...

NA LCS Playoffs: Semi-Finals Predictions

The initial round of NA LCS playoff action has concluded pretty much according to plan. Cloud 9 took down Envy, dropping only a single game along the way, and CLG made easy work of Team Liquid. So, if things went...

TSM Defeat IMT 2-0 following Doublelift’s Penta

Friday night's League of Legends Match of the Week featured two squads tied atop of the NA LCS standings, both at 15-1. After TSM was brought down to Earth with an upset at the hands of Phoenix1, the team quickly...

The True North American Dream Team

The Spring Split has come to a close and brought with it an amazing finale - an 'El Clasico' between North American juggernauts. As a whole, the playoffs gave players a fantastic chance to showcase their individual skill-set, which had many...

Darshan Does It Again: The True Back Door King

There are many different types of players that make up an LCS roster. You have your consistent players who perform exactly how you expect them to game in and game out. There are the up and comers whose performances...

NA LCS vs. EU LCS: The Best Cross-Region Match-Ups Possible

The biggest rivalry in all of League of Legends isn't between two teams, it's between two regions; North America versus Europe. During regular season play you can expect jabs thrown at the opposing region by casters, players, and fans....

Team Culture – Creating Sustainable Success

In every sport, the ultimate goal is always to win a championship. For most teams, this will never happen, but that doesn't mean that those teams are not successful but championship teams are not always the most successful ones...

NA LCS W5D2: IMT vs. C9 Highlight Day of Exciting Games

If you didn't get hyped looking at today's match ups then you must not have been paying much attention to the NA LCS this season. This was a stacked schedule, packed with perfect match ups that could go either...