The True North American Dream Team

The Spring Split has come to a close and brought with it an amazing finale - an 'El Clasico' between North American juggernauts. As a whole, the playoffs gave players a fantastic chance to showcase their individual skill-set, which had many...

Back to Back Champions: CLG Defeats Rivals TSM 3-2

Riot sure wrote a beautiful script for this one. After a disappointing spring split for the newly formed TSM super team, the team found themselves in the grand finals of the NA LCS playoffs, head-to-head with longtime rivals CLG. This time around...

Clash of the Titans: CLG vs TSM Final Preview

Death, Taxes, CLG and TSM powering the North American LCS - some things never change. It is definitely not the same match up that once saw HotshotGG facing off against Reginald on the rift, but these individuals' ability to control...

Is It Time for Another North American Shuffle?

Roster instability is as much a part of the North American Counter-Strike scene as explosive personalities, alleged amphetamine abuse, jetlag, and behind-the-scenes--or, in some cases, livestreamed--drama. With a handful of exceptions, it’s common for professional CS:GO teams in North...

Western Teams Leave IEM Katowice with Mixed Results

SK T1 is leaving Katowice with another trophy. The Korean team managed to sweep Fnatic in the tournament finals 3-0, with the final game ending in a rare surrender vote. The final series wasn't close, but Fnatic, like TSM, deserve credit...

IEM Katowice 2016 Brings Us Cross-Region Play

There will be no LCS action this week. Instead, we will have our first glimpse at international League of Legends since IEM Cologne took place at the end of last year. IEM Katowice 2016 features 2 groups of 4 teams; each...

New Challengers Appear: The MLG Columbus 2016 Qualifier

'Tis the season of qualifiers, and the MLG Columbus 2016 Main Qualifier LAN took place this weekend, as 16 teams competed for the remaining 8 spots available at the Columbus Major in April. The top 8 teams from the...

Darshan Does It Again: The True Back Door King

There are many different types of players that make up an LCS roster. You have your consistent players who perform exactly how you expect them to game in and game out. There are the up and comers whose performances...
Cloud9 - Can They Recover?

Cloud9 and the Terrible, Very Bad Month: Can They Recover?

After a closed qualifier on Sunday February 21, three teams have qualified for the $250,000 DreamHack Masters Malmö tournament, which will take place on April 12 - 17. Team Liquid, Tempo Storm, and Counter Logic Gaming emerged as the...

NA LCS vs. EU LCS: The Best Cross-Region Match-Ups Possible

The biggest rivalry in all of League of Legends isn't between two teams, it's between two regions; North America versus Europe. During regular season play you can expect jabs thrown at the opposing region by casters, players, and fans....

Welcome New Brazilian Overlords: Tempo Storm to Katowice

After a marathon online qualifier, Brazilian underdogs Tempo Storm have battled their way through the brackets to secure a spot at the IEM World Championships Katowice 2016. The tournament in Poland will feature a prize pool of over $250,000...

NA LCS W5D2: IMT vs. C9 Highlight Day of Exciting Games

If you didn't get hyped looking at today's match ups then you must not have been paying much attention to the NA LCS this season. This was a stacked schedule, packed with perfect match ups that could go either...