Unpacking the GEC: Who Are the Real Winners?

The LAN finals of the Game Show Global eSports Cup 2016 have come to a close in Vilnius, Lithuania, as Team EnVyUs took first-place with an assertive best of five victory over Team Dignitas. The EnVyUs players will be...

LAN Rumble: Who Will Win the Global eSports Cup?

The first two days of competition at the Game Show Global eSports Cup (GEC) have finished in Vilnius, Lithuania. Although the $200,000 LAN event has experienced long delays, subpar stream quality, and absent production value, all scheduled games have...

NA and EU LCS Week 3: Stats, Analysis, and Predictions

Rather than conducting weekly Power Rankings, I will be doing a statistical analysis of the LCS teams. This week's article will take a look at the stats from Week 3 and will be used to forecast the following week's...

GBM, Dardoch, and Huhi the New Kids on the Rift

Every new split there are always new teams and new players. As good as they were before, the LCS is where their skills will be tested. Dardoch, GBM, and Huhi are all new to the NA LCS and making big...

Controversial Roster Moves Looking Good Early on for CLG

The most shocking roster change in LCS history took place this past off-season when long-time CLG carry Doublelift left the team to join rivals TSM. This was a tough pill to swallow for the entire CLG fan base who...
Echo Fox vs. CLG - NA LCS

The Fox in the Hole: Echo Fox vs. Counter Logic Gaming

  Where is Echo Fox? Echo Fox is in major trouble. After today, they have one win with four losses, putting them at the bottom of the LCS standings. What exactly is going wrong here? At the beginning the team looked...

Power Rankings Week 2: NA and EU LCS

These Power Rankings combine both the NA and EU LCS teams into one list. For more information as to why and to see last week's rankings, you can check out the article here. Power Rankings Week 2 1. TSM (+1) 2....

TSM vs CLG: Week 1 Day 1

With the first day of the North American LCS underway, we now get to see what some of these new teams have to offer. Crazy stuff is happening, Cho’gath being played, the back and forth Renegades vs. Liquid and...

Team SoloMid Revamp: A Look at the New Roster

As we lie in wait of the LCS Spring split next year, lazily scrolling through Reddit, looking for some eSports drama or a dank meme, the teams have been busy constructing new rosters. One of the biggest shake-ups comes...