Cloud9 - Can They Recover?

Cloud9 and the Terrible, Very Bad Month: Can They Recover?

After a closed qualifier on Sunday February 21, three teams have qualified for the $250,000 DreamHack Masters Malmö tournament, which will take place on April 12 - 17. Team Liquid, Tempo Storm, and Counter Logic Gaming emerged as the...

NA and EU LCS Team Ratings – Week 6

Rather than conducting weekly Power Rankings, I will be doing a statistical analysis of the LCS teams. This week's article will take a look at the stats from Week 6 and will be used to analyze and discuss particular...

NA LCS vs. EU LCS: The Best Cross-Region Match-Ups Possible

The biggest rivalry in all of League of Legends isn't between two teams, it's between two regions; North America versus Europe. During regular season play you can expect jabs thrown at the opposing region by casters, players, and fans....

Curse Trials Day Two

What is it? The Curse Trials are a tournament put on by Archon and sponsored by Curse, boasting a $30,000 prize pool. It was inspired by the announcement of the upcoming Standard format. The rules are simple, it’s a typical...

Welcome New Brazilian Overlords: Tempo Storm to Katowice

After a marathon online qualifier, Brazilian underdogs Tempo Storm have battled their way through the brackets to secure a spot at the IEM World Championships Katowice 2016. The tournament in Poland will feature a prize pool of over $250,000...

An Introduction to Dota 2 Esports – Tournaments and Teams

So let's say hypothetically that you've gotten the lane thing down, you understand the basic map objectives and gold/item mechanics, and you have a few heroes that you spam in pubs. Now you want to see gameplay on a...

NA LCS W5D2: IMT vs. C9 Highlight Day of Exciting Games

If you didn't get hyped looking at today's match ups then you must not have been paying much attention to the NA LCS this season. This was a stacked schedule, packed with perfect match ups that could go either...

C9 vs. NRG: Hai Carries from Support

  Cloud9's Support Situation The 2015 Summer Split did not go as planned for Cloud9. There were several sides to the story of why C9 weren't at the top of North America. Problems within Team SoloMid and Cloud9, both two-time Champions in North...

Red Bull Team Brawl – Another Interesting Format

This weekend Red Bull sponsored a Hearthstone tournament called the Red Bull Team Brawl. As the name suggests, it was a team event, in which four teams of three faced off against each other. The participants were Tempo Storm,...

C9 Back on Track, But What About Bunny FuFuu?

After a slow start to the season, Cloud 9 appears to be back on track to becoming a top 3 team in North America. The team had an impressive 2-0 weekend; taking down both Renegades and NRG eSports with...

Target Bans You Should Expect after NA LCS W4D1

We are just about at the halfway point of the 2016 LCS season. Teams are beginning to shake off early season rust and develop real synergy, making for tighter, higher quality games. At this point teams have a good...

LAN Rumble: Who Will Win the Global eSports Cup?

The first two days of competition at the Game Show Global eSports Cup (GEC) have finished in Vilnius, Lithuania. Although the $200,000 LAN event has experienced long delays, subpar stream quality, and absent production value, all scheduled games have...