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Dota 2 Kuku Issue and Valve’s Eventual Response

In the past month, the Dota 2 community has seen more hardship and turmoil than all of last year combined. Dota 2 is no stranger to issues of professionalism. In fact, we've covered several instances of unprofessional behaviour in...
Overwatch League Preseason - Boston Uprising vs New York Excelsior

OWL Preseason: Boston Uprising vs. New York Excelsior

With the Overwatch League preseason just starting up, the teams participating in the game's first global esports league have precious little time to get those last hours of grinding and practice in before they face off for their inaugural...
Hearthstone's new expansion, Kobolds and Catacombs, will add a new mechanic called "Recruit."

Kobolds and Catacombs: How Does the Recruit Mechanic Work?

The Kobolds and Catacombs reveal season is in full swing, and Blizzard is pumping out details about the new Hearthstone expansion. One of the features players will get to see in Kobolds and Catacombs is a new mechanic called...
Overwatch esports still isn't attracting viewers the way many expected it to. What can Blizzard do to fix this?

Why Overwatch Esports (Still) Sucks

Despite the commercial and critical success of Overwatch, the game's professional scene has still failed to attract a following. Blizzard hosted the Overwatch World Cup at Blizzcon this year, but viewership of the tournament was, for the most part,...
Ryan "OpTicJ" Musselman, COO of OpTic Gaming

OpTic COO Ryan “OpTicJ” Musselman on the Future of OWL

Blizzard's upcoming Overwatch League has been a hot topic in the esports world for quite some time now. Among the teams participating is OpTic Gaming, who will be responsible for managing Houston's team in the League. I had the...
Will Valve's new card game, Artifact, challenge Hearthstone for digital card game supremacy?

Does Artifact Stand a Chance Against Hearthstone?

TI7 is over, Patch 7.06f is here, and there's not much pro Dota going on right now. As we bask in the glory of The International, it's a good time to turn our attention towards Artifact, Valve's new Dota-based...
Tespa's bold plans for college esports during the 2017 - 2018 academic year include a partnership with Blizzard and unique in-game rewards for Tespa members.

College Esports: Tespa Reveals Plans for 2017 – 2018

Tespa is North America’s leading college gaming network, with over 65,000 members and 220 student chapters on college campuses across the United States and Canada. Tespa's focus has been on creating a community of student gamers who are able to...
Blizzard's Open Division for Overwatch is meant to be a place where aspiring professionals can prove their worth.

Overwatch: Blizzard’s Open Division Is Way Too Casual

If I asked you how many professional Overwatch players there are in the world, how many would you say? Several hundred? A thousand, maybe? Blizzard recently announced their new "Open Division," an official Overwatch league that allegedly lets aspiring professional players have a shot...
Hints from Blizzard suggest that the next Overwatch map might be located on the moon.

Blizzard Teases Lunar Colony Map and New Space Monkey Hero

Brace yourselves, Overwatch fans. Teasers on the PlayOverwatch blog, around the Lijiang Tower map, and from the mouth of Blizzard's very own Oracle of Delphi, the esteemed Jeff Kaplan himself, are telling us one thing, and possibly a second. We're going...
Lucio's dazzling new outfit is turning heads amidst the carnage in Blizzard's Overwatch Anniversary Event.

Overwatch Anniversary Event: New Maps, Skins, and Game Modes

Blizzard's dev team is taking gamers on a belated honeymoon trip. Between May 23d and June 12, Overwatch players can enjoy the latest bit of Seasonal DLC, for the low price of absolutely zero dollars. It tells you lots...
TF2 has a lot in common with Overwatch. Blizzard's game is clearly the heir to TF2's throne, but both games have an important place in the video game history books.

TF2 vs. Overwatch: The Test of Time

Team-based objective-driven role-heavy shooters. You love 'em, I love 'em. Who doesn't love 'em? But when you apply that many filters to your search query, it's going to boil down to two and only two games. Fine, two games that...
An upcoming event for Blizzard's popular multiplayer title Overwatch will likely be located in London.

Blizzard Teases Overwatch Lore Event: King’s Row Uprising

On April 3rd, Blizzard's Australian/New Zealand Twitter dropped a teaser for a new lore event in the form of a video file from Overwatch's classified mission archives. The upcoming Overwatch event will likely give fans a sizable chunk of lore, possibly...