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Smash Mod Makes Kingdom Hearts’ Sora Playable

Sep 16, 2016
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Sora fought heartless and mingled with Disney character for years, now he’s here to mix it up with other animated icons. Thanks to a new Smash mod, Sora is now a playable character.

Super Smash Bros 4 has been steadily gaining respect as an esport over the last several months. Despite the game being released back in 2014, the popularity has spiked recently due to several major tournaments adding the game to their events and the general broadcasting of esports events across the world. The rising popularity of any game tends to bring out modders, and Sm4sh is no different.

Another character joins the stacked lineup

It seems the most common mod in any game is the reskinning on textures within the game. This sometimes leads to obnoxious, pointless mods like the Home Improvement mod for Doom which exchanges EVERY texture in the game with Tim Allen’s face (no, I’m not kidding).

Luckily, the Smash community seems to be trying to actually make worth-while mods.

There are already 58 characters in the 4th installment of Smash, so you might think that adding another would be complete overkill. When the character is a fan favorite like Sora, even purists let it slide and enjoy the mod.

Sora is a main character in the Kingdom Hearts series. Kingdom Hearts is a beautiful mashup of Disney movies and the Final Fantasy series. The games are seriously amazing, play them if you haven’t.

Now Sora and his keyblade are ready to unleash on Bowser, Charizard, and Captain Falcon.

Sora Smash mod is still iffy

Although many players and fans are always happy to see their favorite games have an active mod community, mods for Smash Bros games in general are in jeopardy.

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Both Disney and Nintendo are famous for copyright claims and stifling community creativity within their properties. This Kingdom Hearts/Smash cross-over violates the business practices of both major companies. Mods, in general, are created just for fun, but Nintendo and Disney don’t see it that way.

Only time will tell how long the Smash mod will stick around, but for now it’s a fun addition to the already full Sm4sh roster.

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