Smash Mod Makes Kingdom Hearts’ Sora Playable

Sora fought heartless and mingled with Disney character for years, now he’s here to mix it up with other animated icons. Thanks to a new Smash mod, Sora is now a playable character. Super Smash Bros 4 has been steadily...
Juggling in Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V Season 1 DLC Is a Bust

Capcom released Street Fighter V in a condition which they were happy with. The general public disagreed. The original game, upon release, was pretty underwhelming. Frankly, it felt unfinished. The SFV Season 1 DLC was Capcom’s response to their...
Urien street fighter V screen shot

Urien Comes to Take Care of Business

It’s that time again. Time for Capcom to update Street Fighter V and release a new playable character. This time we get to see Urien, the vice president of Illuminati. The end is near Capcom announced on Wednesday that their 6th...
R Mika using her meter

Street Fighter Terms for Beginners (Part 1)

School is back in session. Time for all of us to stop late night gaming for at least a week as we convince ourselves we’re going to study hard and get good grades. Oh, it’s only me who pretends...

SFV: Juri’s Verdict

Juri finally was released to the public last week. After a long wait and a lot of anticipation, players all around the world finally got to get their hands on the Taekwondo master of Street Fighter. Now that there...
Juri reveal image

SFV: Juri Joins Street Fighter This Week

Juri, the newest character in Street Fighter V, is expected to be released on July 26th. As Capcom originally launched SFV, they did so with several assurances to the players. One of which was the story mode (which was...
Ice Climbers Pose

SSBM: Rise of the Ice Climbers

The Ice Climbers have played a pretty significant part in my love for Super Smash Bros. Coincidentally, they are also seeing quite a bit of love in the competitive scene these days. I vividly remember when I first started playing...

SFV: Balrog Revealed in Story Mode

Capcom announced near the end of last month that the newest character added to Street Fighter V would be Ibuki. Capcom has now confirmed again that Ibuki's addition will come at the end of this month after an unexpected...

SSBM: Swedish Delight Plays Luigi in Finals

This past week Smash fans across the world were treated to one of the strangest casual tournaments the world of Super Smash Bros. has to offer, Smash’N’Splash. Smash’N’Splash (or SNS) is in its second year as a nationally recognized...

Old Favorite, Ibuki, Joins SFV

In the initial release of Street Fighter V earlier this year, many players thought it seemed Capcom was holding back. DLC was announced and among the stages and costumes available for purchase there was a tease for 6 characters...