Hungrybox emotional after winning Evo 2016

SSBM: Hungrybox’s Puff Pounds Evo Competition

Jul 20, 2016

Evo 2016 will always hold a special place in fighting game history for several reasons. It was the biggest Street Fighter V tournament ever. ESPN televised the event. The Mandalay Bay Events Center was packed with members of the fighting game community.  For Hungrybox and his fans, Evo 2016 will hold even more significance as the god of Melee finally took home the Evo title.


For years Hungrybox has been known as one of the 5 gods in Super Smash Bros. Melee. By far, he is the best Jigglypuff main in the world and has been for nearly a decade. This year alone he has entered 15 major tournaments and won 10 of them. Those wins aren’t over slouches either, defeating players like Leffen, Plup, Swedish Delight, Armada, and Mew2King. Even though Hbox has arguably more accolades than any other Smasher, an Evo title has always eluded him.

Hungrybox has gone to Evo every year since 2013. Although he typically performs very well, he always seems to fall short of the top spot. In 2013 he found himself in 3rd place. 2014 he lost to fellow Melee god, Mango, finishing in 2nd. 2015 ended in another 2nd place finish as he lost to Armada. Now, in 2016, Hungrybox pulled together an amazing Puff showcase and finally finished in the 1st place spot.


The victory was incredibly emotional as Hbox had set Evo 2016 as a personal goal. It seems he was content with his career and his play at every tournament except this single thorn in his foot. Losing to Plup in the winner’s bracket made it look like this may be another heartbreak year for Hungrybox. Fighting through the loser’s bracket is never easy, but he was able to pass fellow god, Mango, and the man who sent him to the loser’s side, Plup, and find his way to the grand final. After the win, Hungrybox began to cry, realizing that all the training and travel had paid off in a big way.

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Hungrybox cries on stage after winning Evo 2016
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Hungrybox won Evo in style, showing off amazing rests and great stage control. The win came over Armada, a player who Hungrybox praised as the best Melee player in the world only a few weeks earlier. In the same interview, Hbox also said “I need to win Evo….if I win, then I can say ‘It’s official – I’m the best in the world.’ That’s a really big deal for me.” Although the man hasn’t come out to say it himself, I’ll say it for him. Hungrybox is officially the best Super Smash Bros. Melee player in the world right now.

The win at Evo not only marks a huge milestone victory for Hungrybox, but it also broke another personal record for him. The prize for the top Melee player in this year’s Evo finals was over $14,000. The largest purse Hbox has ever won in a single event. Not a bad payday for a trip to Vegas.

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