egames rio 2016 logo

Esports Olympics: Missteps with Smash Legends

Recently, the eGames Rio Showcase began sending out its invites for players who they feel have earned the right to attend. eGames is looking to be the Olympics of esports. These players were considered because of their sheer grit,...
Hungrybox emotional after winning Evo 2016

SSBM: Hungrybox’s Puff Pounds Evo Competition

Evo 2016 will always hold a special place in fighting game history for several reasons. It was the biggest Street Fighter V tournament ever. ESPN televised the event. The Mandalay Bay Events Center was packed with members of the...
Hungrybox CEO

SSBM: Hungrybox Tops CEO

The world of fighting games once again turned its eyes towards Florida for the state's largest fighting game event, Community Effort Orlando. Several top names in the world of Smash threw their hats into the ring for this major tournament...