Halloween Loot Boxes: Blizzard Makes Amends

Oct 17, 2016

Learning from the Past

In August, Blizzard released the three-week long event, Summer Games. The event brought a Rocket League-esque game mode and over 100 new collectibles that were exclusive to Summer Games loot boxes. The boxes could be purchased at the same price as regular loot boxes and could also be earned by leveling up just as you would earn regular loot boxes.

The problem and the complaints started when the event began to reach its end. For someone like myself, I managed to gather roughly 30 loot boxes by leveling and bought another 24 to try and score myself a Weightlifter Zarya skin. After 50 boxes it became clear that the RNG gods were not in my favor for this event. I don’t know if these skins will ever be available again but I am happy with the few exclusive skins I earned during the event—mostly my USA McCree and Sprinter Tracer skins.

To some players, this wasn’t a fair system. Someone could spend hundreds of dollars—or hours—and not get the skin they wanted. For many folks, having missing items in their hero gallery was too painful to accept.

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Enter The Halloween Terror Event

Blizzard’s Overwatch Devs have been quite active in listening to their community and did not fail to address the Summer Games complaints. The newest event, Halloween Terror, once again brought a unique game mode in addition to over 100 new collectible items. Fortunately for all of you collectible fanatics out there, the new skins can be purchased using in-game currency at a very steep price. Every Halloween Terror collectible costs three times the price of its equivalent – legendary skins are going to cost you 3000 gold.

New Overwatch Halloween Skins, Junkenstein.
New skins, Dr. Junkenstein and Junkenstein’s Monster. (Image via PlayOverwatch.com)

Don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Unless you’re level 500 or higher or have bought a bunch of loot boxes in the past, you won’t be able to swoop up all the skins that easily. To secure all 12 new skins you’ll need to have saved 18,000 gold. Each skin you pull from a loot box will bring this total down dramatically so don’t waste any time. You only have until November 1st to buy and earn the Halloween Terror loot boxes.

If the timing is just right (as it was for me) you will be nearing Rank 100 soon. After hitting Rank 22 and all the way through Rank 100, the experience required to reach the next level is 22,000—however, getting from Rank 1 to 2 requires a measlly 1500 experience. This kind of timing can score you a handful of loot boxes in a very short amount of time. Then again, there is always the option to take sleep and other priorities out of your agenda and just grind it all out.

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