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3 Ways to Improve Your Aim in Overwatch

Oct 12, 2016

Do you feel stuck? Not sure how to climb the ladder in Overwatch? Practicing your aim is a good way to break out of a rut.

Notes and conceptual tricks

It’s worth remembering that Overwatch is still new. The tools that are available for sandbox practice in the client are still limited. Aiming isn’t just the ability to hit projectiles and there’s more to the picture than just hit scan mechanics.

As a lot of aiming in Overwatch depends on projectiles, be careful not to approach aim training the way you would in other FPS. It’s helpful to interpret projectiles as random events. If you see the ability to hit projectiles as a puzzle of percentages, aiming just becomes the ability to minimize the random process.

You have to be able to position yourself in a way that makes it more likely to hit your shot.

Aim Training for fun

The most convenient way to improve your aim without grinding mechanical drills is to train while playing with your friends.

Here are the best ways to do that:

  • Positioning
    • You can find spots on the map that make it easier for you to hit your targets. Find a place to grind while you play with your friends until you get consistent results.
  • Timing
    • Think about who your target will be when you first enter the battle. Do you know which angle the engagement will take place in? Plan the timing to gain an advantage at the start of the game.

Set some challenges for yourself while you’re playing with friends.

For example:

  • Set tasks when you play McCree.
    • Headshot only.
    • No flashbang (increases need for good aim).
  • Look for new angles for Junkrat.
    • Practice bouncing his projectiles around corners.
  • Test new positions for Torbjörn.
    • Experiment with vertical/horizontal adjustments to play to against your favor. The idea is to make life harder for you so things seem easy when the game counts.


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The most reliable way of improving your aim is to train your mechanical intuition (muscle memory). Training offline isn’t representative of competitive play. However, honing your mechanical skills will prepare you for more important games.

Here are two reliable ways to do that:

  • Stationary practice
    • Stationary Targets
      • Training -> Play Against A.I
    • Moving Targets
      • Training -> Practice Range
  • Moving practice
    • Stationary Targets
      • Training  -> Play Against A.I
    • Moving Targets
      • Training -> Practice Range

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There are many different and creative ways of practicing aim. These vary between heroes, which is why they come in various forms. Here are some examples to give you an idea.

  • Go against bots to practice headshots.
  • Practice Pharah’s projectile by shooting a bot off of a cliff and aiming at it while it falls out of view.
  • Move through the practice range with Widowmaker and quick scope the moving bots.
  • Move through the practice range with Hanzo and headshot the bots.

Tips to keep in mind

  • Don’t be too tense with your mouse hand.
    • Taimou mentioned in his YouTube tutorial that he finds it much harder to play with a tight grip.
    • You want to be able to hold the mouse loosely so you can whip your crosshair to your target. Contrary to what it seems like, holding your mouse harder will cause your aim to be less steady.
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