Power Rankings Week 2: NA and EU LCS

Jan 21, 2016

These Power Rankings combine both the NA and EU LCS teams into one list. For more information as to why and to see last week’s rankings, you can check out the article here.

Power Rankings Week 2

1. TSM(+1)
2. OG(-1)
3. IMT(+2)
4. FNC(-1)
5. H2K(+1)
6. C9(-2)
7. NRG0
8. VIT(+1)
9. UOL(+2)
10. CLG(-2)
11. TL(-1)
12. FOX0
13. DIG(-2)
14. ROC(+1)
15. REN(-2)
16. G2(+3)
17. EL(+1)
18. GIA(-2)
19. SPY(-2)
20. TIP0


TSM slips into first?

By no means did TSM have a strong performance in their opening week but it wasn’t nearly as disappointing at Origen’s. Both teams lost points in their total point calculations but OG lost more. With the Bjergsen, Doublelift and Yellowstar trio its impossible to deny the team’s talent but if they don’t have a stronger performance in week 2 their will start to fall down the rankings very quickly.

Immortals on the Climb

For anyone who didn’t watch the matches, Immortals dominated both of their matches. The matches were one-sided and there was no signs of hesitation or weakness. While I agree that they are definitely a top of the tier team, I want to see how they fare against TSM and NRG before sending them strait to the top.

UOL passes CLG

Each team definitely told an opposite story the past week. CLG has had the same roster coming into the split and under performed in both matches played for having so much experience as a team. UOL on the other hand, have nearly an entirely new roster and displayed strong team play and strong macro play in both matches. You would expect CLG’s performance to look like UOL and expect UOL to have displayed CLG’s performance.

G2 Climbs the most

Admittedly, I underrated G2’s players and cohesion for week one. While not all of G2’s players displayed mechanical prowess, their macro play and teamwork was better than most.

Jan 19, 2016
Jan 19, 2016
Jan 17, 2016
Jan 16, 2016
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