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Breakout Decks from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Nov 19, 2016


Every time an expansion is launched, new decks are created. Many existing decks are simply modified, but there are always a few entirely new ones that spring to life. Sometimes they are surprises, but often you can tell from the cards that are being released. For example, Beast Druid is something Blizzard was clearly pushing for the past few sets. Now a new set, the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, is slowly being revealed. Let’s take a look at the new cards and see what new decks are surfacing. Note that at this point, only 75 of the 132 cards have been revealed.

Murloc Warlock

Seadevil StingerMurloc Warlock was a thing in the early days of Hearthstone. However, once other sets were release, the Murlocs didn’t keep up and fell out of favor. They were briefly revived in Murloc Paladin, but as a combo deck, not the aggressive Murloc decks of old. Now, Blizzard is trying to revive the Murloc Decks once more. The new card that makes this potentially possible is Seadevil Stinger. This Murloc allows you to play two Murlocs in one turn, at the cost of life. Life isn’t very relevant to aggressive decks, so this could be quite strong. There are also two new neutral Murlocs that have been revealed, including a legendary – Finja. Combining Seadevil and Finja can create a massive issue for your opponent on turn four/five. Hopefully at least one more Murloc will be revealed to make this dream a reality.

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Reno Priest

Raza the ChainedA bunch of new cards have been released that use the
‘one of’ mechanic, similar to Reno Jackson. In fact, a legendary was revealed for Mage that made me think Reno Mage would be strong. It still might be, but a new legendary has been revealed that makes Reno Priest look amazing. Raza the Chained is a five mana 5/5 that, if you have ‘one of’s in your deck, makes your hero power cost zero. For the rest of the game. That is absolutely insane and it gets more insane. Mike Donais, a Hearthstone developer, has confirmed that your hero power will remain zero if you change it. So you can use lots of Shadowform or Finley or even Justicar hijinks. This will spawn a lot of new decks by itself.

Reno Priest can also use Kazakus for even more amazingness. They also have access to Kabal Courier and if they discover Colarra Drake? Infinite zero cost hero powers. Coldarra + Shadowform + Raza is a game winning combo by itself.

Dragon Priest

Drakonid OperativeThis is a bit of a cop out, because Dragon Priest is
already a thing, but it’s getting so much better this expansion. Two new cards are being added that put Dragon Priest on a whole new level. Dragonfire Potion is the removal that Priest lacked after losing Lightbomb. Oh, one thing though, Dragonfire Potion doesn’t affect Dragons. While this may be an issue occasionally, it’s typically a huge benefit to Dragon Priest. Wipe your opponent’s board, leave your own untouched! This goes hand in hand with the new Priest Dragon, Drakonid Operative – a five mana 5/6 that also lets you discover a card. And not only that, but a card from your opponent’s deck. This means that it’s a card worth being in constructed. Both of these cards are insane, and either would push Dragon Priest up a tier.

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