Apex Season Five
Image via Respawn.

Apex Season Five Is Coming

May 6, 2020
Image via Respawn.

Apex Season Five Trailer is Here!

Apex Season Four is coming to a close. If you haven’t heard, it was extended a week, now concluding on May 12. So you have a final week to grind out your battle pass and your rank! If you’re trying to push up to Apex Predator – or even Silver, you now have one more week to accomplish your goals.

Following the conclusion of Season Four we will be looking forward to, you may have guessed, Season Five! Apex Season Five is set to launch on May 12, leaving us with a month of preseason for changes and new map rotations. This week we got the Season Five trailer, which we will be going over here.

New Trailer

You can watch the Season Five trailer here. In it you’ll see quite a bit of content regarding Loba, the newest legend. Loba is a girl with a tragic backstory, linked to Revenant. Spoilers ahead! Revenant killed Loba’s family when she was young, so now she has grown up with one mission – exacting revenge. The trailer shows her breaking into the laboratory where Revenant’s bodies are stored, and attempting to finish him off at the source. However, she is unsuccessful, and the resulting response from security leaves the entire area in rubble. This leaves us with a lot of speculation about what is coming in Season Five, both in terms of the map and Loba’s abilities.


We can see from the trailer that Loba is a master thief, with abilities that fit this description. We don’t know exactly what her kit will include, but from the trailer we can make several assumptions. Throughout the trailer Loba does several things that could easily be made into special abilities. She uses a staff to destroy several robots, she creates a defensive bubble to protect her from the rubble, and lastly she teleports both inside the factory and out from the bottom of the pit. It would be surprising if the staff ability made it into a game revolving entirely around shooting, but both the barrier and teleportation skills seem very possible. The teleport in particular seems likely, since it was showcased twice within the video.

All of this is speculation, but we’ll see exactly what she can do when she launches on May 12. So keep your eyes peeled for Loba, the Master Thief, to join the ranks of Apex legends.

Map Changes

The biggest thing to note in the trailer is that Skull Town is completely destroyed at the end of it. This likely heralds something new for that part of the map for Season Five. Whether this means we can go down into that laboratory, or the wreckage left over, or something else entirely, we’ll have to wait and see.

In other news, recently Respawn came out with rotating maps. Currently if you play normal 2v2 or 3v3, the maps will rotate based on the time of day. In the announcement they made special note that ranked would remain the same ‘for the rest of the season’. This implies that moving forward we might see rotating maps in ranked as well. This is purely speculation, but it’s something to consider at least.

General Changes

The new season will also come along with all of the typical things that a new season brings. A new battle pass, possibly new guns, lots of new skins, new events, and many balance changes. Apex is entering a new season and so far it’s looking like it will be a great one! Stay tuned for more changes, we’ll be covering the preseason content as it is released. Until then, enjoy your last week with the battle pass and push for your highest rank in this final week of Season Four!

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