Apex Season Five

Apex Season Five Is Coming

Apex Season Five Trailer is Here! Apex Season Four is coming to a close. If you haven’t heard, it was extended a week, now concluding on May 12. So you have a final week...
Old Ways Banner

Duos, Events, and Balance!

Apex Duos Has Returned! Apex’s newest patch, The Old Ways Event, has just hit and brings with it an old friend – duos! That’s right, duos are back in Apex, again. For how long?...
Apex Legends Season One

Apex Legends Season One: What We Know So Far

Apex Legends quickly became the biggest game in the world. Over its first month and a half it has drawn a massive user-base, and many fans. Now it’s time for the game to enter the second stage...
Apex Legends Banner

Apex Legends Review: It’s Good. Real Good.

Last week Respawn and EA launched a game that no one expected. As a big fan of Battle Royale (BR) games myself, I only heard about this a couple days before it came out, but Apex Legends made a...
Team Dignitas walking off stage

76ers Acquire Team Dignitas, Apex Gaming

The Philadelphia 76ers ownership group has entered the world of esports, acquiring controlling interest in Team Dignitas and Apex Gaming, as stated in a Monday press release. The organization plans to merge assets from both and compete across many...