HyperX Cloud Flight headset

Product Review: HyperX Cloud Flight

Jun 7, 2018

If you’re thinking about upgrading your gaming headset, I highly recommend checking out HyperX’s new Cloud Flight. I’d been using an older headset and microphone for a while, but the HyperX Cloud Flight has changed everything for me.

The Hardware

At first I was skeptical about using a wireless headset. How long would the battery last? How far would I be able to walk and still be able to hear my computer? Was it worth breaking my old habit of always using wired gear? The answer to the last question is heck yes, it’s totally worth it.

The battery lasts for up to 30 hours, which gives you ample time to game in between charging. Plus, it doesn’t take long to charge so you can easily plug it in after a night of climbing that ELO ladder and be prepared for the next day.

The HyperX Cloud Flight is fully compatible (headphones and microphone with wireless connection) with PCs and PS4s, but the microphone does not work with an Xbox. The headphones, however, will still work, but need to be plugged into your Xbox which can be annoying if your couch is further away from where your console sits.

One cool feature is that you can remove the microphone if you’re not using it. I found this to be an added bonus. I typically don’t use voice chat unless I’m playing with people I know, so the microphone is usually in the way. Now, though, I can remove it completely. But, if you do use the microphone, it is noise-cancelling so in-game sound effects won’t interfere with whatever conversation you’re having.

All the controls for the headset—LED effects, volume, mute, and power buttons—are conveniently located on the left ear cup, so you can easily make adjustments. There’s no messing around with sound controls on your computer here.

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The Experience

Have you ever watched a movie at home and then had the opportunity to watch that same movie in a theatre? If so, you probably had a very different experience in the theatre. Perhaps you heard sound effects you didn’t even notice while watching at home.

This is exactly what happened when I started using the HyperX Cloud Flight. I jumped into a game of League of Legends, went into the jungle to leash, and heard birds! I had never heard noises in the jungle that suggested there were animals in there. Sure, you can see them scurrying around, but this headset has such a high quality (especially compared to my older one) that I could hear everything perfectly.

Listening to in-game sound effects brought my experience to an entirely new level. Plus, I could talk to my friends over voice chat and hear them clearly. Hearing the dragon and baron die didn’t override someone’s next object call, so I knew exactly where to head to on the map. I was both entertained and plugged into the logistics of my team like never before.

The headset itself is also incredibly comfortable. As someone who wears glasses, I tend to have a hard time finding over-the-ears headsets that are comfortable and don’t push the arms of my glasses into the side of my head. These ear cups, though, are fantastic. I can always leave my glasses on when gaming, which has made a huge difference for me. If you also have this headphone-glasses-issue, I feel you, and highly suggest trying out the HyperX Cloud Flight.

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