Roster Changes

Stewie on his previous team Cloud9

Making Sense of CS:GO Roster Shuffles

Roster changes have been rife in the professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene as of late. Players have been jumping ship to teams that they believe have a better chance of winning than their previous lineups. With the scene rife with...
Why was Universe kicked from EG?

Universe Kicked from EG: Scapegoating or Stroke of Genius?

Saahil "Universe" Arora used to play offlane for North America's top Dota 2 team, Evil Geniuses (EG). Universe currently has the third highest career earnings of all esports players. He's played Dota 2 professionally since the game's inception in 2011....

Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu: The Willful Wanderer

It was recently announced that Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu will be leaving OpTic Gaming, despite having only joined the team in February of 2017. This is the fourth team peacemaker has been a part of since becoming a coach at...
Doublelift will be joining Team Liquid in the locker room for the rest of the Spring Split.

Doublelift on Loan to Team Liquid

Days after swapping their former World Champion marksman into the midlane, Team Liquid has once again claimed all esports headlines with their acquisition of Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng. In a Facebook post, Team Liquid announced that Doublelift will be coming in...

The Goldenglue Swap: Team Liquid’s Last Ditch Effort

This week, Team Liquid announced that they have finally found a replacement for their mid laner Greyson "Goldenglue" Gilmer, and it just so happens to be their ADC. That's right, Liquid is moving their world champion marksman, Piglet, to the...
Cop on stage - NA LCS Summer 2015

Cop Joins Team Dignitas as Head Coach

The ailing Team Dignitas has made a change to their LCS lineup, recruiting David "Cop" Roberson as their new head coach, the organization announced Friday. A change of any kind comes as little surprise, as Dignitas rank currently sit towards the...

CS:GO Embraces the Era of the Superteam

With the recent announcement that Nikola "NiKo" Kovač would be leaving mousesports to join FaZe Clan, CS:GO might be entering the era of the superteam. In 2016, we saw multiple roster moves take place that were designed to stack certain teams...
Maikelele With FaZe

FaZe Rejects: Meet Maikelele’s New CS:GO Squad

On his social media accounts, Mikail "Maikelele" Bill has announced the formation of his new team. The players currently confirmed to be on the roster are: • Mikail "Maikelele" Bill • Joakim "jkaem" Myrbostad • Ricardo "fox" Pacheco It looks like the team is...
Post-Major Roster Shuffles

Post-Major Roster Moves Galore

The New Year not only brought on the ELEAGUE major, it also signaled the end of many player contracts. With so many players available and on the open market, roster moves are happening left and right. I have already...

Roster Wreckage: What Is Mouz Doing?

Following their group stage exit at the ELEAGUE Major, German-based esports organization mousesports (Mouz) have made a series of unexpected changes to their CS:GO roster. On January 29th, during the grand finals of Major, Mouz quietly announced that Chris "chrisJ" De...
SKT Huni

SKT’s New Roster: A Different Kind of Superteam

When SK Telecom T1 (SKT) announced in November they were releasing two of their own world champions, top laner Duke and jungler Bengi, surely they had a trick up their sleeves. Duke had a great summer 2016 split by...

Team Liquid: It’s Time for a Change

Although Team Liquid was able to make deep runs at both majors last year, 2016 was fairly underwhelming for them. Despite some very high profile roster moves, Liquid was unable to win a single tournament throughout all of 2016....