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Graphic: ELEAGUE Major Viewers

The numbers are in, and ELEAGUE Major viewer numbers broke records on Twitch and took the world of televsion by storm. Check out these important facts and impress your friends, families, and loved ones. Dying for more match stats? Check out HLTV’s...

Humility Lessons: Fnatic at ELEAGUE

The Polish powerhouse returned to their former glory last weekend at the ELEAGUE grand finals. Virtus.Pro claimed a dominant victory over Fnatic in a best-of-three series with a convincing 2 - 0 win in front of an enthusiastic crowd at...
That's a nice desk you've got there, ELEAGUE.

ELEAGUE’s Inaugural Season Draws to a Close

The inaugural season of Turner's ambitious esports project, ELEAGUE, will conclude this weekend. Out of the initial pool of 24 teams, only four remain: Fnatic, Natus Vincere, Mousesports, and Virtus.Pro. $390,000 USD in prize money will be awarded...
Virtus.pro EnvyUs ELEAGUE

Virtus.pro at ELEAGUE

Hopes for Virtus.pro’s success come to a close along with the first half of ELEAGUE. Although VP lost handily, is their slump ending? Group F VP’s group stage games went quite well as they placed second in points. 1-1 against EnvyUs and Gambit....
NiP Eleague

NiP’s Success at ELEAGUE

It's time for some hindsight while ELEAGUE approaches its final form. With NiP claiming the group B victory, ELEAGUE has already taken an interesting turn of events. How did the Swedes do it? Are we witnessing a NiP renaissance? NiP held a long reign until 2015....

ELEAGUE’s Maiden Voyage: CS:GO on TV

At 9 P.M. on Friday, May 27th, I wasn't playing CS:GO, I wasn't at a bar, and I wasn't binging on Netflix or Counter-Strike matches from 2014.  In fact, I wasn't doing any of the things that I usually do on...