Dota Plus graphic with heroes.

The Spring Dota Plus Update is Out: What We Need to Know

What to Expect for the Spring 2021 Dota Plus Update Dota Plus is a premium monthly subscription service in Dota 2. It comes with many features, including hero progress, statistical analysis, shards and relics, terrains, chat wheel phrases, cosmetic items,...
The HyperX Cloud Stinger Wireless Headset

Product Review: HyperX Cloud Stinger Wireless Headset

Our Favorite Headset HyperX were kind enough to provide us with the newest model of their Cloud line, the HyperX Cloud Stinger Wireless. Over the past month I have been using it non-stop. I’ve used a fair number of headsets...
League of Legends Kai'Sa

Season 2021 Changes: New Item Shop

League of Legends: New Items Season 10 has come and gone. Even with a global pandemic threatening our very existence and forcing us to stay indoors, League of Legends continues to be patched, has changed, and evolved. Now, with Season 11...
World Championship League of Legends

Who Conquered the 2020 League of Legends World Finals?

2020 World Finals Results Are In! For the first time since the 2017 World Championship Grand Final, the League of Legends Champions Korea finally returned to the biggest stage in Damwon Gaming in an attempt to hoist the Summoner’s Cup...
Aghanim's Labyrinth

Aghanim’s Labyrinth In-Depth Guide

Aghanim’s Labyrinth, for Fun or for Prizes! The new event in Dota 2 and Battle Pass 2020 gave us the Aghanim's Labyrinth mode where we can get valuable prizes and a lot of emotions while passing...
League of Legends Samira

Style on Enemies with Samira, the Desert Rose!

League of Legends Samira is Nearly Here! Imagine Yasuo, but a bit different, a bit… cooler. Oh, that’s Yone? Okay, maybe let’s forget about that one. Imagine the most stylish, and probably the most mechanically intensive...
Aghanim's Labyrinth

Aghanim’s Labyrinth Gaming Guide and Tips

An Aghanim’s Labyrinth Guide The new event in Dota 2 and Battle Pass 2020 gave us the Aghanim’s Labyrinth mode. While cooperative game modes always fuel our emotions, playing this one can result in a lot of valuable prizes, so...
Hearthstone Grandmasters

Hearthstone Grandmasters Meta Overview

Hearthstone Grandmasters First Two Weeks On August 14th, Season 2 of the Hearthstone Grandmasters began. Matches take place every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On September 6, the tournament will take a break for Masters...
League of Legends Lillia

Prance around Summoner’s Rift with Lillia

League of Legends Lillia Joins the Champion Roster Think about Hecarim, but not menacing. Think about Neeko, but with what seems to be fawn’s legs. Somewhere between the two things I asked you to think about...
Hearthstone Scholomance Academy Review

Scholomance Card Review

Hearthstone Scholomance Review The time for cards reveal from the upcoming expansion has already begun. From July 22 to July 29, Blizzard and their chosen media personalities will be showing new Scholomance Academy cards. The expansion itself...
Nexus Blitz Banner

Nexus Blitz Is Returning!

Nexus Blitz Finally Returns to the Rift In case you missed Riot Games’ announcement a few weeks ago— Nexus Blitz is coming back for the summer as the game mode accompanying the newest champion Lillia’s release.
DotA 2 Dark Willow Guide

Meta Breaking Dark Willow – Guide and Gameplay tips

DotA 2 Dark Willow Guide With all the meta changes lately, there are more opportunities for high-tier supports. Dark Willow is not a very popular hero, and as a result many people...