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The Spring Dota Plus Update is Out: What We Need to Know

Apr 20, 2021
(Featured image via Esports Wizard.)

What to Expect for the Spring 2021 Dota Plus Update

Dota Plus is a premium monthly subscription service in Dota 2. It comes with many features, including hero progress, statistical analysis, shards and relics, terrains, chat wheel phrases, cosmetic items, and more.

As Valve promised, updates for the premium service are released every quarter.

That way, on March 1, they released Dota Plus spring update. The developers have added the ability to level up Hero Relics, as well as to complete challenges in Turbo mode. Also, new guild quests and a new treasure have been added to the game.

A breath of fresh air or just another gimmick? Let`s find out.

New Seasonal Spring Treasure 2021

First goes the Seasonal Treasure, which is released every season.

It includes several sets of common quality and one rare courier, which comes with random effect and color gems.

Here is a full list of heroes that got new sets:

  • Bloodseeker
  • Windranger
  • Clockwerk
  • Slark
  • Lich
  • Broodmother
  • Sand King
  • Drow Ranger
  • Pugna
  • Juggernaut
  • Magnus

You can sell these gems on the marketplace or insert them into Terrorblade or Techies Arcana to change the color of it. Some are unhappy with this type of content as it reduces the price of existing gems, and the rarity and uniqueness of some gems after the release of such couriers gradually falls.

However, if you have long wanted to change the color of your Arcana, this is the right time. All you need is to buy gems at the Steam marketplace. After the release of couriers from Dota Plus, there is an abundance of them.

As for the sets, judging by the feedback from the community, they leave much to be desired, to put it mildly. It is worth noting that after the purchase all these sets will stay in your inventory, even if your subscription ends.

Therefore, if you have purchased a certain set and your subscription is running out, you do not have to worry.

More sets, which can catch your attention, are waiting for you in the second block, which, unfortunately, has not received new updates.

Premium Sets

These are definitely more detailed in their look. They are available not only to Dota Plus subscribers.

You cannot buy or sell them on the marketplace, however, after the end of the subscription, they will stay in your inventory.

Legacy Sets

These, unfortunately, did not get any changes. You can purchase all these sets during one month’s subscription. As well as other sets, they will stay in your inventory.

Hero Relics

The next section is Hero relics and this is the main schtick of the update. Relics are a kind of your board of achievements for a particular hero.

There are two types of them, common and rare. Before the update, you could randomly farm these relics by playing. With the spring update, this function is no longer available.

You can now buy common relics for 1,600 shards, and rare ones for 8,000. Players will no longer receive duplicates upon purchase. Now you can also level up your relics. After reaching a new level, the hero with this relic will receive a bonus to the Dota Plus level. The level of relics will increase after completing certain in-game tasks. For example: “Kill enemy heroes 50 times with Cutting Blade.”

For completing the task, you will increase the hero`s experience. A notification about this will pop up during the match.

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Seasonal Quests and Guild Rewards

All these relics, premium sets, and seasonal treasures can be purchased for shards.

Shards are in-game currency in Dota Plus subscription. You can get them for completing Guild and Seasonal Quests. The initial quests are available with the purchase of the subscription and will always be present for completion, while the seasonal quests change with the release of the new season.

In total, for completing all the tasks, you can get about 140,000 shards, which is not so much. Just to give you the idea, premium sets cost around 75,000 to 90,000 shards. One seasonal treasure is worth 10,000 shards.

The spring update brought new Seasonal Quests for Dota Plus. In total, for all tasks, you can get 115,200 shards. The quests for each hero are changed every two weeks. You can also get 1,000 shards for winning three games, but no more than once a week.

Dota Plus owners can also participate in battle cups. Winning in one will bring you 25,000 shards. Finding a guild and completing guild challenges can also help you earn shards. The developers also added new challenges for guilds and changed the rewards for them.

Here is what has changed:

  • Silver Guild Tier: emoticon:omgomni:, emoticon:diredance:, emoticon:swiz:
  • Gold Guild Tier: Wyvern Kiss spray, Bananaphone spray, Zen spray
  • Platinum Guild Tier: chat wheel «Looking Spicy», chat wheel «唉唉唉!唉?唉 …», chat wheel «Это ГГ»

After the spring update, obtaining shards has become easier. However, the content that Valve offers leaves much to be desired. Should you buy a subscription just to level up the heroes? After all, it is a matter of personal preference.

Mainly, players grind quests to obtain rare hero phrases that can be used both in the allied chat and in the general one. These phrases become available after leveling the hero. And of course, the phrases are no longer available if you do not renew your subscription.

In the new update, you can now level up your hero up to 30 level. With that, you will also unlock a new phrase for the hero. The content for seasonal chat wheels and tools to customize your gear didn`t get any changes. All these tools can be purchased on the marketplace for a relatively low cost.

Turbo Update

The final update allows you to complete all the quests and challenges in Turbo mode. As Valve says, “Hero Relics will gain progress during Turbo matches at half the rate of normal Dota matches, and players can earn up to 1 star for Hero Challenges.”

In general, Dota Plus is going in the right direction. However, the community expects more exclusive sets that will stand out and add something new to the game.

For now, Dota Plus is the mini compendium that brings you more opportunities before the release of the battle pass and makes the game in pubs more meaningful, especially if the goal is to level up your favorite hero!

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