Dota 2 TI5 Prize Pool Passes $16,000,000

Lately there has been a lot of buzz about the recent prize pool for the TI5 Dota 2 Championship. This year's tournament takes place for the 4th time in Seattle at KeyArena. Now you'd think this would be like any other esports...

Dota 2 Tips and Tricks – Become a Better Player

Dota 2 can be a hard game to figure out. Use these tips and tricks to improve your play!

Gangplank Rework with Release of New ARAM Map

There's nothing better than a new map, and even better, a champion rework to come with it. Riot Games have been working on the new ARAM Map "Butcher's Bridge" for a while now, and it is going to be...

Top 5 Dota 2 Pro Plays – June 2015

Communication is important, as these professionals show, and it all pays off when you're able to make plays like these.

Top 5 League of Legends Plays – June 2015

All those hours of playing League of Legends must have really payed off! If you practice enough, someday you may be able to pull off the same plays as some of these guys!

Ranked Tips and Tricks for League of Legends

Being rude or getting mad at your team-mates is not the right way to resolve issues. Remember that sometimes you're just going to have to deal with bad games.

A New Dawn – 2014 Cinematic Trailer

2014 cinematic trailer, "A New Dawn" shows off some hints towards what was the newly introduced game mode "Ascension".

Top 5 Supports in League of Legends – Patch 5.11

5. Nautilus Nautilus is a very basic champion that can easily take over the early game. His ability to pull, stun, knockup, and slow enemies helps greatly for your ADC to get ahead. Nautilus’s ultimate knocks up a targeted enemy...

Top 5 Strongest Mid-Laners in League of Legends – Patch 5.11

5. Syndra Syndra is capable of many things when it comes to team fights. She can stun, slow, and burst someone to death if they get too close. If you can farm up early game you are pretty much guaranteed...

Top 5 Strongest Carries in Dota 2 – 2014/15

5. Chaos Knight Chaos Knight is a useful ganker and semi-carry. Chaos Knight is great in the early game due to how strong he can become by farming up and constantly ganking multiple lanes. He has one of the highest...

Top 5 Most Entertaining LoL Streamers – 2015

5. Cowsep Cowsep is one of the many Twitch streamers who likes to dress up while he plays. Cowsep wears a cow hat the whole time he is streaming and even has a system set up to gain cow points,...

Top 5 Junglers in League of Legends – Patch 5.11

5. Lee Sin Lee Sin is a mobile assassin that can maneuver around enemies and control where they go. Lee Sin’s ability to ward jump makes it easy for him to get into position for his ultimate and to get...