Perfect Pair: Overwatch Heroes and LoL Champs (Tank)

Aug 3, 2016

Player personalities tend to be transferable from game to game, and it turns out that in-game characters across different titles share some eerily similar traits. Among two of the most popular games right now – Overwatch and League of Legends – quite a few parallels could be drawn between some of their characters. This is part of a continuing series attempting to perfectly pair a League champion for each Overwatch hero; some might not be as obvious as you think!

D.Va – Rumble

overwatch tanks D.Va Rumble

These Mech riders are probably the most over-zealous characters in their respective casts. Each brings a bunch of firepower to every single fight. Their ultimate abilities are easily avoidable alone, but when paired with heavy crowd control, can be enough to wipe an entire team. The biggest difference between the two lies in their team role; please never build Rumble as you would other tanks, and please don’t be hiding away as D.Va. Even though Rumble’s got his Flamespitter, D.Va is definitely the hotter one.

Reinhardt – Sion

overwatch tanks Reinhardt Sion

Unwieldy, bulky, man-torpedo – words to describe this pair of tanks. When I first started playing Overwatch, I was hoping to main Reinhardt just to skid around the map Tokyo Drift style, before I realized how ridiculously hard it is to steer. Coincidentally, I can’t play Sion for my life either. These guys swing their weapons around mindlessly, occasionally throwing out a stray projectile that doesn’t really fit their kits. The most satisfying part of playing either of them has got to be dunking all over your enemies. Come on and slam – welcome to the jam.

Roadhog – Blitzcrank

overwatch tanks Roadhog Blitzcrank

Roadhog is Pudge reincarnate. But since we’re taking League comparisons, he’s going to be matched up with Blitzcrank. Though he and Thresh have more similar weapons, the key mechanism of Roadhog’s kit matches up with our robotic friend from Runeterra. No matter who you’re playing, chances are that you’ll be getting sniped out by a ridiculous hook via a stupendous hit-box that defies both logic and physics.

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Winston – Alistar

overwatch tanks Winston Alistar

Masters of disruption, Winston and Alistar consistently disrupt the flow of a teamfight while also becoming invincible. Their ultimate abilities essentially make them must-ignores for the duration; but you can’t. They’re always up in your grill knocking you up. Thankfully, their damage is relatively light and their range is nearly nonexistent. While a bull and a gorilla may have their distinct differences, I’d hate to be in front of the horns when they get into a primal rage.

Zarya – Sejuani

overwatch tanks Zarya Sejuani

Only Sejuani could possibly match the womanly brawn that Zarya brings to the fight. Having lived through the harshest winters, these ladies scoff at the thought of having to tank your DPS. Despite the weather nightmares, they grant the wettest of dreams with their ults, perhaps two of the most oppressive area-of-effect crowd-control abilities in each game. Aside from this, Zarya’s kit is fairly unique to herself, which is a testament to her glorious design.

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