Echo Fox vs. CLG - NA LCS
(Featured image via Echo Fox.)

The Fox in the Hole: Echo Fox vs. Counter Logic Gaming

Jan 31, 2016
(Featured image via Echo Fox.)

Where is Echo Fox?

Echo Fox is in major trouble. After today, they have one win with four losses, putting them at the bottom of the LCS standings. What exactly is going wrong here? At the beginning the team looked like it had the most promise of all the rookie teams. Froggen, one of the best mid laners in the world had joined in the mid lane, with North America’s most notorious sub, KeithmcBrief, on ADC (or, as Riot wants everyone to call it, marksmen.) These two were supposed to help this rag tag group of players conquer NA.

After seeing them play for three weeks, we can see that isn’t what’s happening. Last week they received an automatic disqualification against NRG because of visa issues, and since then Froggen hasn’t been playing. GoldenGlue, a successful Challenger series player has been playing in his place, to not so stellar results.

Today’s game was a slow steam roll, with CLG getting seven kills in about 37 minutes. Echo Fox only managed to scrounge together two. They lost almost every lane, showing CLG’s great map awareness and rotations. Huhi on Corki, outplayed GoldenGlue on Viktor. Huhi kept pushing GoldenGlue out of lane with Xmithie on Recksai’s help. Huhi kept a massive CS lead, helping his team push up mid and eventually to victory.

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Stixxay and Aphromoo showed they had great bot lane synergy today. At 9 minutes, they got first blood onto Keith. Aphro, on Morgana, flashes onto Keith’s Ezreal after he had already used Arcane Shift. The Bard main instantly binds the NA solo que god, giving him no time to flash. It’s a great play to remind us that Aphromoo is one of the best supports in North America. Stixxay is not to be over looked though. In the next fight Big’s Alistar flashes onto Stixxay’s Kalista. He manages to out maneuver most of Echo Fox, and help Huhi get a kill.

Darshan did what Darshan does best. He split pushed in the beginning, middle, and end. Darshan probably loves this meta, since split pushers are exceptionally powerful. Champions like Jax and Fiora are some of his favorites, both in solo queue and on stage. His Fiora got gigantic, and was even able to solo kill the enemy Trundle, which isn’t exactly easy. Trundle’s ultimate, Subjugate, takes health, armor and magic resistance from an enemy. Darshan still managed to use the baguette sword to get a kill.

Overall, CLG played to their strengths and deserved the win. Echo Fox really needs to step their game up. They need to put Froggen back into the game, since the team underperforms without him. Last week’s loss to Team Liquid was silly and avoidable. Echo Fox was ahead at one point 11 kills to none, but they were too afraid to push their advantage and win the game. Eventually TL had a successful team fight, with Piglet getting three kills. During late game, the death timers are much higher than they used to be, and Team Liquid pushed to victory. That was the biggest comeback in LCS this split.

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