Spring Cleaning on Summoner’s Rift

Mar 3, 2016

Winter’s coming to an end now for everyone. It’s time to creep out of our burrows and tidy up our living spaces.

I’m not saying you live League of Legends… though some of us may.

But it’s never a bad habit to clean up all the areas in your life, even the recreational ones. Here’s a list of the 4 quintessential ways I spruce up my springtime League of Legends experience.

1. Friend’s List

I value all of my friends, including those that I meet online. But sometimes when I look at my League friend’s list, I see a whole bunch of people that I haven’t talked to for more than a year, or ever for that matter. Spring cleaning for me starts here, deleting people who wouldn’t even notice if I disappeared tomorrow.

Sometime’s they’re on my friends list because we added each other after a fun game, or because they were a fan from years back. Perhaps I just don’t like them anymore because they messaged me way too often. Deleting these people, as well as re-organizing the categories in your friend’s list can be a spiritually cleansing experience.

Friends List

2. Runes and Masteries


I’m one of those people who ignored Riot’s call to re-do all of my mastery pages when the new season arrived. Part of me was just lazy, but it made sense anyway since I needed to feel out the new mechanics to really optimize my pages.

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A couple of months in now, I’m ready to stabilize the skeleton of my runes and masteries. For those of you who have already done so, I commend you! But if you haven’t, it’ll definitely improve your pregame by having ready-to-go pages for each game (feel free to refer to this for mastery setups…).

3. Summoner Icon

Summoner Icon

Many of my friends forget that a summoner icon even exists. Spring cleaning is a good time to revel in your collection of icons, and really choose one that represents your mindset entering the meat of this season. I love flaunting my Gold ranked icon from season 1!

4. Hardware

Dirty Keyboard
It’s not mine…

Last week I took my keyboard apart to clean out all of the keys, and boy, was that a sight to see! My desk had accumulated tons of dust from my lack of conscientiousness, my mouse had a sticky wheel.

The final part of spring cleaning for League is getting your physical surroundings tidied up. If you’re generally a clean person, none of this may apply to you at all. But for those who have not explored the depths of their peripherals in a long time, I’d strongly suggest you do it. At least in the short-term, you’ll be able to get rid of that excuse of ‘sticky keys’ or ‘dust-in-my-nostril-causing-sneezes’.

Let’s bring that homegrown hygiene back for the new season!

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Jungroan Lin
Jungroan "Jezie" Lin is a Challenger League of Legends player, former top lane player for Complexity Gaming, and former jungler for Team Green Forest. He spent 6 months of his life playing only Renekton, Shyvana, and Dr. Mundo while failing to qualify for the LCS. Jungroan is currently pursuing his M.A. in Political Science at UBC.
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